All we Know about Oneplus 3 so far

OnePlus 3 is one of the most expected devices to be released this year. The rumors were stated that the device will be available from this April, but wasn’t happened at all. The latest release date updates from the trusted sources saying that it will be somewhere around this June. The OnePlus lovers are eagerly waiting for the launch as the rumors already fired up by stating high-end specs of the smartphone.

A Snapdragon 820 chipset will power the smartphone alongside two RAM and ROM variations as 3GB / 16 GB and 4GB / 64GB respectively. 16.0 MP shooter on the backside sweetens the specs alongside a 5.5-inch display. The device will be priced around $450+ and may exceed $500 for the higher spec variants. Normally, Oneplus devices are priced a little higher when compared to other cheap smartphones on the market. So, the things may not be different for this release too.

In this article, we are sharing you the whole information about the Oneplus 3 that we have now. After reading this, you will get a definite idea about the device including the specs, details, pros, cons and almost all things related the smartphone. So, let’s have a look at them.

OnePlus 3: What to Expect?

Being one of the most expected devices on the market, the Oneplus 3 lovers are eagerly waiting for the details of the smartphone and its features. As it will be one of the Oneplus devices, the build quality is assured as the previous models in the series. Oneplus is well known for the trust in the quality of the smartphone they produce. As it may be a little high priced, we can’t call it a cheap device. But the specs and features will be stating the pricing. Let’s have a deep look into the details of the Oneplus 3 smartphone.



Oneplus 3 design will be very similar to the previous models of the Oneplus series. As that design was very elegant and the users accepted it very much, there are no chances of tweaking the design of the device. Little curvy sides, rough backside, beautiful smooth display, will all be there on the Oneplus 3 also.

But, as there is a chance of many new features to be included, those functions might make a little difference in the design of the product. The fingerprint sensor maybe placed underneath the backside camera. There are also rumors that the device will be having the same sensor to scan the fingerprint and to measure the heart rate of the users.

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If there is a retina sensor on the Oneplus 3, the front portion should be a little changed from that of the previous models. The rumors state that, it will be somewhere near the front camera of the smartphone making it easier to recognize the retina of the users.

The smartphone will be available in 2 or 3 variants in colors. A usual Black and White variants will be partnered with some other colors like Red or Grey. Anyways, there are no chances that the user to refuse the design as the previous models were great.


Oneplus 3 will have a  5.5-inch Quad HD display to power the visuals. The edges will be cut down a little mode thinner to utilize the front portion to the maximum. There are also rumors that the front navigation buttons will be placed inside the display area to make it easier to use the device.

As per the reports, the device will be available in two variants as a 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and a 4GB RAM 64GB ROM model. It will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 820 chipset that is these days praised for the good performance on smartphones.

In the camera section, there are rumors that it will feature a 16.0 MP camera on the back and an 8.0 MP one on the front. Some others state that the cameras will be 13.0 MP and 5.0 MP respectively. Anyways, they will be powered by the features like Auto-focus, LED flashlight, Noise reduction, etc…

Connectivity of the Oneplus 3 will be powered by the 4G LTE technology alongside all other basic features including, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 2G, etc… Additionally, there will also the NFC technology on the smartphone to sweeten the connectivity.

Expected Features (Including Rumored ones)

  • Retina Sensor: The retina scanner will scan the retina in eyes and recognize it within milliseconds. This will bring the next level of security to the Oneplus 3 as the original user will only get access to the device. It will also help to protect the device data even lost due to theft.
  • Heartbeat Sensor: There are many smartwatches that can sense the heart rate of the users. But in smartphones, the feature is very rare. The Oneplus 3 to have this feature included to provide a real-time heart rate monitor system. Users will only have to place their fingers on the appropriate place, and the Oneplus 3 will start measuring the heart rate.
  • Fast Charging: The Oneplus 2 was having a good battery that lasts a long time without dropping. But, it was not that much good in charging the battery as there was no fast charging feature. This time, they’ve included it in the Oneplus 3 to provide a quick charging to gift you some time that could’ve taken for the giant battery.
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Nowadays, it is common to have the fingerprint sensors on the smartphones. So, the Oneplus 3 also comprises of a fingerprint sensor to create another secure wall between the owners and the non-authorized entry.
  • QHD Screen: Oneplus 3 will feature a 1920x1080p QHD display with amazing visual quality. The screen will output clear visuals even on high framerate games and HD video playback. The display uses some custom build methods to deliver balanced brightness and contrasts with in-depth colors.
  • Depth Sensor Camera: The Depth sensor camera does something more than a 2D image capturing and video recording. The camera will be able to record depth of each object in the image that will allow the Oneplus 3 to process closer and far objects separately with different light indexes. This is just a rumored spec and not officially confirmed by the Oneplus team.
  • No-Sim card: This is also a speculation that the Oneplus 3 will not have a sim card slot. The rumors stating that the Oneplus team will include the pre-sim card inside the smartphone with the No-Sim technology. If this happens so, it will affect the normal people who use the sim cards for the purpose. For the users who doesn’t care about the sim cards, this will be very helpful as they don’t have to insert an extra part to the smartphone.
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Oneplus 3 Specs
Display 5.5-inch
Screen Resolution FHD, 1920 x 1080 pixels
Operating System Oxygen OS Android 6.0
Chipset Qualcomm 820
Memory 4 GB RAM
Inbuilt Storage 32 GB
Storage Upgrade No
Primary Camera 16-megapixel with LED Flash
Video recording 1080p @ 30fps
Secondary Camera 8.0 MP
Fingerprint Sensor Yes
4G ready Yes
SIM card type Single SIM

OnePlus 3: Release Date

We listed the expected release dates of the Oneplus 3 in various countries. They are just some speculations based on the rumors and confirmation from the trusted sources. It will give you an approximate idea about the release date of the Oneplus 3.

  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in Indonesia – July 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in Singapore – June 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in Europe – June 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in Russia – July 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in India – June 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in HongKong – July 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in Malaysia – July 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in the UK – June 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in the US – June 2016
  • OnePlus 3 Release Date in China – July 2016

OnePlus 3: Price

We know that you are eager to know the pricing of the Oneplus 3. So, we’ve listed some of the prices in various countries. It is just an estimation as there are no official confirmations regarding the price. Have a look at them.

  • OnePlus 3 Price in the UK – 270£+
  • OnePlus 3 Price in the US – $450+
  • OnePlus 3 Price in China – 2650+ Yuan
  • OnePlus 3 Price in India – 29,500+ Rs
  • OnePlus 3 Price in Russia – 28000+ Ruble
  • OnePlus 3 Price in HongKong – 3500+ HKD
  • OnePlus 3 Price in Malaysia – 1700+ MYR
  • OnePlus 3 Price in Indonesia – 5900000+ Indonesian Rupiah
  • OnePlus 3 Price in Singapore – 580+ Singapore Dollar
  • OnePlus 3 Price in Europe (Italy, France, Romania, Russia, Germany, Turkey and few others): 470+ Euro
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  • Good Design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • NFC


  • Single SIM

Wrapping up

All in all, Oneplus 3 is one of the most awaited devices so fat, and it is to be released in near months. The device power packs some good specs. The device is not that much cheap but neither costly when comparing to the features it is providing. So, if you are comfortable with around $450+ or $500, you could avail the product without having worries.

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