ZTE Axon 7 coming with 4GB RAM, 20MP Camera and Snapdragon 820

ZTE is one of the recent smartphone brands that rose in the international market. They have released smartphones consistently, all over the year. Their next release is expected to be ZTE Axon 2 until they sent an event invite, which mentions the model name – ZTE Axon 7.

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So, this could be the quick release in next month from ZTE. The news around the ZTE Axon is interesting. First of all, the specs of this smartphone leaked through TENAA.

Based on that, ZTE Axon 7 going to have a Snapdragon 820 Octa-core processor chipset, 5.5 inches screen, QHD screen resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels), OLED Display type, RAM option to be 4GB, 64GB Internal storage, 20MP camera in the rear and 8MP camera in the front.

These are the specs leaked so far. It is interestingly a high-end configurations. ZTE mostly making their smartphones in mid-range. But sometime they go to the low budget device and to high-end performance oriented device.

This present specs stated that ZTE is preparing for a ride to compete with Samsung, Huawei and other high-end smartphone rivalries.

Recently ZTE reached a spot in the US market after they got more than a million of ZTE users. Their growth in the US market is not that much easy. They have already competing with world rivalries. But, this achievement gave a lot of boost to them.

As a result, ZTE Axon 7 is going to be released in US along with other world countries. We are sure in this after ZTE gave a Full page ad in Wall street Journal, thanking their millions of users in USA. In the last part of the Ad, they placed an image of Axon 7, which is unknown to anyone at the time of Ad.

ZTE Wallstreet Journet Ad

The price of this smartphone is expected to be around $500. Nothing is sure now. We have to wait until May, 26 to know more.


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