GearBest Smart Watch Flash Sale – Including Free Watches and Discounts

GearBest announced a Flash Sale event specific for Smart Watches. Along with the price cuts, this event also includes freebies this time. This event is live up to 30th May 2016.

The Smart watches are selling in the Flash sale style with a particular number of pieces. Most of the Smart Watches has 100’s of pieces available in Flash sale. So, this is going to work for all of the buyers, who comes first.

Special Smart Watch Giveaway Freebie Event in GearBest

The special Giveaway Freebie event is for the Ulefone GW01 Smart Watch. Two of this Smart Watch will be announced as a giveaway. Here are the details to participate in this event.

  • Buyers of Ulefone GW01 from this Smart Watch Sale event are eligible to participate in this Giveaway.
  • After the purchase of Ulefone GW01, the buyer has to post the purchase on their Facebook page.
  • On 31st May 2016, the two lucky winners will be announced. They will receive the Cashback from GearBest.

Special Smart Watches in this Flash Sale

There are four Smart Watches becomes a highlight in this sale.

Ulefone GW01: This Watch already announced in Giveaway event. The special features of this watch are – Siri Function, UV and Body temperature monitoring and Bi-Directional Anti-lost function. Other than this the usual functions of Smart Watches such as Heart rate, Sports tracking, etc. are available.  Ulefone GW01 Smart Watch priced at $55.99.

K88H: This Watch looks like the same Mechanical watch with a circular dial. But, it is a Bluetooth Smart Watch. The unique feature in this Watch are – Siri Functions, Gesture control and IP54 Waterproof. Other than this, all the usual Smart Watch features also included. The price of this SmartWatch is only $46.99.

NO.1 S5: No.1 is one of the popular Smart Watch producers in China. This S5 has most of the Smart Watch features within. One of the main features they advertised is its ability to use this as a remote for the Smartphone camera. This compact Smart Watch costs only $37.99.

SMA Band: This is a new Smart Band launched only in the beginning of this month. This is a Wrist Band only, but it is capable of most the Smart Watch functions. The highlight of this Band is its ability to track Heart rate with close accuracy to medical test. This new SMA Band costs only $27.99.

GB Flash Sale

Other Smart Watches in this Sale:

Other than the above, there are 100’s of Smart Watches selling in this event. One of the top selling items of all time is Xiaomi Mi Band. That is available in this event and priced at $14.89 only.

While looking at the cheapest Smart Watches in this sale, there are more than 50 of the mix of Wrist Bands and Smart Watches available in this sale around the price tag of $8 to $13. And still many Smart Watches available below $20. This is a really low price. At the same time, the quality can be expected to the same level as its price.

What are the good brands to choose your Smart Watch?

For any person outside China, he may have no idea about Chinese Watch brands. So, here we list some of the good brands we think.

  • Xiaomi (International popularity with Smartphones)
  • Huawei (International popularity with Smartphones)
  • Ulefone (proved good performance in their Smartphones)
  • Elephone (Popular Smartphone maker)
  • Zeblaze (Famous with their Smart Watches)
  • Bluboo (Well-Known Chinese Smartphone maker)
  • 1 (Major productions are Smart Watches)
  • SMA Band (New and promising)
  • U8 (Popular Cheapest Smart Watch maker)
  • RWatch (Has many Smart Watches in list)

Don’t forget, this Smart Watch Flash sale event of GearBest is only from May 23 to May 30, 2016. Take a look at the event here.

Visit the GearBest Sale Here.

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