iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Software Review

iPhone is such a handy device were the information stored like in a locker. The security provided by Apple is almost unbreakable on their lovely device. So, we all using the same for storing our data, even it is super important. But, what about once we lost it like in any other smartphones? The things won’t be that much funny, especially if the lost files also had our important files or documents.

In this kind of situations, a good data recovery software which can recover the lost data is the only choice we have. iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is such a good software with numerous features are all helps to get back the lost files from the iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is one of the most trustworthy software which is used by thousands of people to grab their lost data in Apple devices.

So, today we have the iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Software to Review here which will be helpful for you to understand further details of the software. Have a look.

Note: One important thing to note, is that the software requires the latest version of the iTunes installed on your computer. If you don’t have the iTunes, you could download it from this link.

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Interface

The interface of the software is tabbed in four columns were the important functions are visible. You just have to switch between them to access the right functions you are looking for. You could do the iPhone Recovery, iCloud Recovery, iTune Recovery or the iOS Fix from the main interface itself. No complications are there on the interface which will make you say ‘aah no.’

Connecting an iOS device will make the software start working. Then you could easily access the functions by navigating to the specific places on the software. On the upper bar, there will the sandwich menu to bring the options including the Live chat support for the product. Overall, the interface looks good and has the ability to drive users on the right path as they wanted.

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Features

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery software is not having a lot of features. But, shows its capability to help the users with the limited functionalities which are essential for recovering the deleted data on your iPhone or other Apple devices. So, let’s have a quick look to the features of the software.

Easy connection with the devices


It is very easy to establish a connection between your iPhone and the software. All you have to do is connecting it to the PC using the cable provided with your smartphone. The software will automatically connect and fetch the device for any operations allowed on the recovery software. If you’ve found that the device is connected but unrecognized, there is a link on the screen to let you know how to solve this problem by following the step by step guide on their website. So, no more worry about the compatibility and connection problems.

Quick Scan

To scan the entire area in your storage, it won’t take a decade as we have seen on similar software’s. The iSkysoft iPhone recovery software is fast enough to not make you feel bored with the long scanning procedure. It scans the entire iPhone very fast and lists all possible files and folders you have to recover.

Preview of the Files to Recover

Unlike other softwares, the iSkysoft software let you preview the files to recover. So, no more need to recover the possible files but recover the exact files which can save a ton of your valuable time. For large scale recovery too, this feature is very favorable.

Selective Recovery


In the software, you don’t have to recover an entire partition or a specific volume completely. The selective recovery process will provide the complete control of recovering the specific files among the lost ones. You can leave the rest without wasting your time.

Recover almost all File Types


The software will not block you from recovering a specific file type or file format. Users could recover almost all file types which you have been stored in your Apple device. No matter how old are they or how much are they. The process is far better to explore the files on the list and let you recover with maximum quality.

iOS Fix

iOS Fix is an additional feature that let you repair the operating system of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. If the device stuck on the apple logo or failing to complete the recovery, you can use the iOS fix feature which will be the key to fix the problem.

Recover From iTunes or iCloud Backup Files


Users could recover their files from the iTune backup files as well as from the iCloud. So, no need to depend on an extra software for recovering such backups. You can recover almost any backup you’ve created days or months before.

Free Updates

In the Free version, you will not be getting regular updates for the software. But, once you stepped over the premium version of the software, you will get the upgrades to the software with performance and feature improvements for the lifetime.


  • Quick Setup and Scan
  • iOS fix option
  • iTunes and iCloud recovery
  • Preview and Selective Recovery
  • Numerous file formats are supported
  • Free Updates for Lifetime


  • In Bulk Recovery, sometimes shows a little lag

What Users Saying about the Software?

iSkysoft User opinions


The speed of recovery and the quality of the recovered files are the most noticeable feature we have found on the iSkysoft iPhone data recovery software. The quick scan also made us recommend this to those who are not interested in spending a lot of time for recovering the deleted files in iPhone or other Apple devices. The pricing of the software starts from $69.95 (from some offers) and for the lifetime license of unlimited devices, it costs $499.99. If you would like to have the software for the next try when recovering lost iPhone files, you can download it from their website.

Visit iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Software website

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Software Review
8.7 Overall
Value for money8.5

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