5 Must Have Apps If You Own A VR Headset

Back in the 1990s, Virtual Reality was considered as a myth. But the world as we know today marks it as the next dimension in the tech world. Google’s lean towards VR Cardboards and alliance of virtual reality in Android N has sparked many OEMs like Samsung to put their R&D force in processing the VR technology.  OnePlus has also pulled up strings with their flagship phone’s launch last year. Although engineers allege that Virtual Reality has a far way to go and is yet at its very initial state, Android users are always curious about the promising future tech proposals. So, If you own a cardboard or a VR headset, then you are at the right place. Here at Thetechhacker we present you the top five must have VR Apps.


Most of you have known YouTube as a Video hub but in recent years, it just made records with numerous 360-degree video uploads. Right from the Roller coaster rides to 3D horror videos YouTube has covered it all for you. To view this 360-degree video, your device needs to have a gyroscope sensor to detect the x,y,z angle moments. You need to tap on the VR symbol found right at the bottom to frame the Video in VR mode. Additionally, you can also watch the same videos in 2D 360-degree view. Simply search for 360-degree videos in the YouTube and you are ready to go.



VR tech has given a new direction to musicians, documentaries, and fun shorts. You can enjoy the emerging media through this app. It has got its standard for Virtual reality videos. Although the film industry didn’t adapt to VR experience we bet this App is going to change the trend soon. Fingers crossed.


InCell VR

Ever enjoyed the tricolors in the science expo? Well, it has gone way more biological now. Part game and part educational App, InCell VR will give you an immersive experience and creation of human cells around you. You can enjoy yourself escaping a Virus wave. Have fun. It’s safe, and you wouldn’t catch a cold. We promise!


Glitcher VR

Glitcher is an innovation in Virtual Reality experience. Instead of pre-built environment Glitcher depends on your smartphone’s camera and creates a layer on it. There are very few apps out there to give you live feed experiences, but Glitcher VR is the best in the province.


Volvo Reality

Wanna test drive a supercar at your home? Sure you can come with Volvo reality. Featuring the Volvo XC90 Experience it is the world’s first virtual reality test drive on a smartphone. Oh yes, this time, you won’t need any seat belt around you. But as always drive it safe.


Google Cardboard

The list is baseless without the Google Cardboard App. Over time, it has got major updates and improvements. Make sure you configure your Cardboard and Headset by scanning a QR code found at the bottom of your VR Headset. If you don’t have a configuration QR code, then head over here to get few samples.


That’s all for now. Let us know your thoughts about the Virtual Reality in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, share and comment below.


Mohammad Shahebaz is an author at Android News Box, felicitated the Award of Excellence by Microsoft Corporation at Microsoft World Championship in 2013, Delhi. He is an upsurging ethical hacker and loves what inspires him.

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