What is VPS Hosting?

There are several Hosting types and plans are available on the market. All are made for fitting the users needs without having to slice them for different needs of millions of users. VPS Hosting is one of the many hosting types where you got a doubt, what is it actually. So, in this article, I am going to answer your question, What is VPS Hosting? Have a look.

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What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Network Hosting is a virtualized server hosting which mimics the Dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. By saying technically, it is both Shared and Dedicated hosting at the same time. While a dedicated server provides an entire dedicated system specially crafted for you, the VPS servers will have many hosting accounts on the same server allowing you to enjoy all the features of the Dedicated server.

Mostly, budget loving people choose the VPS hosting plans as the Dedicated servers are many times costlier than the VPS. You will get a dedicated amount of resources like RAM, CPU Cores, and Disk space as on the dedicated servers which can be only used by you. Unlike shared hosting, the VPS servers will not allow others to take your resources for running their websites. If you can’t afford the dedicated hosting plans, VPS Webhosting is the next best choice you can make.

How does VPS Hosting Work?

If you are familiar with VMWare or VirtualBox, which allow you to run several virtualized operating systems on one machine you own, the VPS also follows the same method to deliver several dedicated accounts on the same server. The virtual operating systems will act like a dedicated environment with the dedicated resources to operate. So, it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server at less cost.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • Privacy
  • Customizability
  • Complete Control
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Low Cost

Cons of VPS Hosting

  • No Dedicated Servers will be there
  • You have to take care of the complete server
  • You must be familiar with the Dedicated Hosting environment

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