Sound Recorder Pro Software Review

If you are still in search of a simple sound recording software without those confusing navigations and functions to irritate, we’ve got one for you. Sound Recorder Pro is a simple software which can record anything you hear through the sound card of your computer. It allows you to record audio from various input devices including, microphones, sound cards, TV, applications, CD/DVD, webcams, webpages, cassette players and even from media players.

Apart from just a voice recording software, this one has a unique and simple way of providing the usefulness of an audio recorder. All you will get a simple window with about ten buttons and some controls which are enough to do the job. So, let’s have a thorough look into the review of the Sound Recorder professional.

Sound Recorder Pro Interface

The software has a very simple interface with nothing special to notice. All are common functions if you have used any sound recording softwares before. Some buttons and controls are stacked in a nice manner, such that to provide ease in recording and outputting quality audio files. Users can start recording by just clicking on the ‘Record’ button on the main interface, and the software will immediately start the job. Once you needed to stop it, there is the ‘Stop’ button for you.

Real-time encoding functionality will encode the recorded files real-time and put them on the recording list in the below section of the software. All in all, nothing special to notice other than a yet familiar interface with common functions.

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Sound Recorder Pro Features

Now, let’s have a look into the features of this software to see what’s packed inside for providing the seamless recording experience.

Good Output Quality

From our tests, the software outputting good quality sound without any glitches. We got near perfect sound as we heard directly from our PC. The noise reduction of the software was also perfect. So, regarding the sound quality, no objections.

5 Different Record Modes


There are 5 different recording modes available on the software as Normal, Voice From MicroPhone, Song from Player (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.), From Internet Stream (Skype, MSN, ICQ, Radio, etc.), and From Line In (Turntable, Cassette deck, Portable Player, etc.) These are enough to provide the recording functionality to almost any connected devices with your computer.

Record from Almost Anything

As mentioned in the previous section, you can record from almost any device or functions which allow the audio input or output to your PC. No matter which sound card you are using or have multiple ones, this audio recorder professional software can do the job without any obstacles.

Easy Wizard Mode

If you are not familiar with the sound recorder softwares or need a quicker way to record it, there is an Easy Wizard mode on the software that will be the key in outputting the files without sweating. You just have to follow the instructions of the software to get the recordings from your computer.

Compatible with all famous OS

The Sound Recorder Pro is compatible with almost all OS types including Windows 7,8 and 10. So, compatibility is no more an issue. If you needed a Mac version of the software, another version dedicated for the Mac users available on their website.

Multi-Channel Recording Support

The software supports Multi-Channel recording which is a nice feature to see in such a simple software. Users will be able to enjoy the recording in multi-channels without any restrictions.

Various Output Formats

Users will be able to output the audio files in almost any famous audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, TTA, WV, MPC, SPX, OGG, etc. So, there is no need to worry about the compatibility of the recorded file on various devices like smartphones or tablets.

Real-time encoding

Recording list

The Recodings will be encoded real-time which will make the software output the recorded file within no time after pressing the ‘Stop’ button. In some audio recording softwares, it is common that are they taking some time for fetching the recorded data and building the output file in the specified format. But, in this software, it is very impressive to have the real-time encoding functionality.

Tag Editor

Users can edit the recorded file details right from the Sound recorder pro without depending an extra software to do the job. it is very easy as filling a form for editing the tags of the recorded files.

Multi sound card supported

The software coming with the multi-sound card support to make it very easier to work with any type or model of sound cards you have.

Recording scheduler

Features of the Sound Recorder pro for windows

Using the Record Schedule feature of the software, you can record the sound even if you are not at home. So that it will be easier to gain the audio files without having to sit in front of the computer to configure and record it. No audio quality change or configurations changes will be there on the scheduled tasks.

Hotkey Support

The Sound recorder Pro supports hotkeys to make the tasks simpler as in any other recording softwares. So that no more complications in finding the easiest way to record and output audio.

Advanced Audio Parameter Controls

Windows sound recording software

The output settings of the files are completely tweakable from the options menu of the software. You will never have to adjust with the default settings of the software because there is a bunch of useful options to configure to fit your needs at the maximum.


  • Good output quality
  • Easy wizard mode
  • Wide compatibility
  • Real-time encoding
  • Tag editor


  • No advanced functionalities like professional voice recorders


If you needed a simple software with no complications in configuring and taking outputs, the Sound recorder pro is a good choice you can make. The audio quality is good and there is a bunch of output formats available on the software. So, it is a wise decision to spend some money on this. There is also a trial version of the software available to download, you can do that from the link below.

Get Sound Recorder Pro

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