Own A Nexus? Have A Look Over End-of-Life Dates

The only reason people dumb the showy iPhones and saturated Samsung flagship is the Google’s promising updates on its most successful line. A Nexus device always steals the stage and attention in the developer community. So far it was a wonderful fairy tail but they have an ending too. There should be some point sometime around where Google had to put a full stop at Android updates. Well, here it is.

In the midst of the sunny day, there was a flash news from Google. It was just an odd one. Each and every announcement of their’s has always brought cheering smiles and futuristic beliefs but it wasn’t the same today. Yeah, most of the Nexus line users were shattered with a simple table which reveals EOL, standing for End-Of-Life support. Google has always maintained the update transparency and this one too is just an another step in its vision. Previously we know that their devices are promised to continue for the longer of 3 years or 18 months update support after the device is delisted from the Play Store. Furthermore, Google promised to provide major Android version OTA updates for 2 years after the device’s initial launch.

End Of Life Nexus Line


The major line is mentioned above and in the right column, the end-of-life dates. It’s still  unclear on which version your Nexus would stumble and stop. But our assumptions says that Android O shall be the last version both Nexus 6P and 5X sideload whereas Nexus 9 would end with Android N. And the rest of the with Android M.

But, Never say never. XDA is always at your rescue. The developers shall find you a custom ROM soon. We aren’t sure about the other models in developer point of view but Nexus 6P will make its way till Android P for sure. So, do you own a Nexus device? If yes, let us know your update experience and reflections on this EOL dates. And as always stay tuned with TTH for more updates.

Source: XDA, ANB


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