Typeeto Mac App Review – Turn Your Mac as Universal Keyboard for Any Device

Typing on small screen tablets and smartphones is a painful task. For heavy messenger apps, users typing is like hell using a small keyboard layout. Thinking of physical keyboard for a mobile device? Just read this article and plan for the buy. If you own a Macbook or iMac, you can use their keyboard for another mobile device too. Sounds interesting? Yes, meet Typeeto. Typeeto is a Mac app which turns your Mac keyboard into a universal keyboard. The app interestingly pairs up with devices like smartphones, tablets, and consoles.

Coming to the usability of the app it is pretty simple to use. The app lets you change from device to device from the Mac Menu bar. Let’s get into details of the app.

Installation of Typeeto

  1. Download the Typeeto app from Mac App Store.
  2. Drag and drop the app into your Mac Application folder.
  3. Next launch the app and you can access it from Mac Menu bar.

Bluetooth Setting on Mac

Typeeto_Preferences iPad Connection

Connecting Devices

  1. Now turn on your Mac Bluetooth connection and search for the device you want to connect.
  2. After full success connection, you can access the device from Typeeto app in Menu bar.

That’s it; now whatever you type on Mac keyboard it will type on your connected device.

Coming to interface it has three tabs. General tab allows you to change the enable and disable sound effects, remove Typeeto icon from dock and user stats options. From Devices tab you can manage connected devices and shortcuts options. Typeeto allows Theme options to tweak according to your choice.


The best part of the app is it support multiple devices at once. To switch between devices, you can use a hotkey or a single click on the app UI. The setup is very quick, and usage is pretty simple. The app is perfect for multiple device users; it manages all from Mac. Personally, I tested the app on my Mac to manage to type on iPad. The result is pretty good, and I’m totally satisfied with the Typeeto performance.

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