aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder Review

aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder is a brand new product from the aLLreli warehouse which is extremely useful for the car travelers. If you are facing trouble in carrying your smartphone in your long journeys or facing problems in holding it in your hand for answering calls or listening some music, this product is for you. The Cell phone mount is equipped with a powerful magnetic holder that let your devices stay good all the way along in your journeys. It is strong enough to hold the smartphone stable on gutters or humps.

The product is designed in a round shape which enables the ultimate 360-degree viewing angle where the users could adjust the smartphone in any direction without adjusting with the limited angles. It is very unique to see such a good feature on a cell phone holder coming these days. In any angle, the device gives good grip and no variations in the magnetic power. To detach the device from the holder, we have to exert a little pressure but not that much of an irritating level. It shows how strong the holder uses its magnetic power.

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aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts

As per the company, the device is suitable for almost any smartphones including iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry phones and Windows phones. In our test, we used five different devices on it and all were attached to the device well. Even with the case, the smartphones are well attached to the aLLreLi cell phone mount without slipping from the surface. You can place the device not only in the correct center position but can move it anywhere and in any location as per your needs.

The product can be attached to any flat surface in your Car, Office, Bedroom and almost anywhere. It stays stable on almost any surfaces other than the extremely rough ones. Flat surface is highly recommended as the device can hold the position with great grip on the ground. The design also supports the product to be stable and well-fitting to the viewing angle of the users. The curves can be rotated anywhere on the 360-degree environment.

aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder

If you already bought the device and want to know how to use it in your car or office. Just stick the foot of the product to any flat surface and make sure it is strong on the surface and not moving too much. After that, just place your smartphone on the magnetic surface at the upper portion and make sure that it is safe there and not detaching on small disturbances. After the use, detach your device by exerting a little pressure on either side and you got the complete guide on using it.


  • Good Design
  • Holds the smartphones without dropping
  • Not slippery
  • 360-degree rotatable
  • Very reliable material


  • As it’s a magnetic product, shows some problems with highly denser smartphone cases


The aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mounts Holder is a goof product to consider for holding your smartphones without using your hands. As it is 360-degree rotatable, no need to relocate it for different uses. Just holding the smartphone and rotating as comfortable is enough to fit the needs. The magnetic power is also impressive as it well-performed in our testing procedures. It costs $39.99 which is a little high for a cell phone holder. But, when comparing to the quality and the features, the price is explainable.

If you would like to avail the product, you can do that from the following link. If you have further queries, feel free to comment on the following comment area.

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