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Lavod 8GB MP3 Player with Earphones Review, Features and Price

Music became part of the human life after the electronics started seeing its evolution. The earphones and headphones became very important for all class of people. Whatever the job people do, they wanted to connect with music.

Today, we crossed an MP3 Player with Earphone for swimmers. It is Lavod 8GB MP3 Player with Earphone designed for swimming. This is interesting. What actually in it for swimmers? Of course, the product is waterproof and easy to carry while swimming and diving into the pool. It is advertised as specially made for swimming, but the fact is anyone can use this if they wish the design fit for their needs. For example, while doing workouts, running, athletes and people in sports can also use this MP3 Player.

Here you get two products. An MP3 Player and an earphone with ear clip. Now see the Features and review of Lavod Mp3 Player and Headphone for swimming.

Lavod 8GB MP3 Player with Earphones

Features and Review of Lavod MP3 Player and Headphone

First of all, the design is decent for the price. The MP3 Player is made of plastic. It has volume control buttons, reset button, play / pause button, audio playing indicator and recharge indicator. There is a 3.5 mm jack to connect with the headphone. The same jack is used to recharge the battery.

Lavod 8GB MP3 Player

The battery is built in the MP3 player. And there is 8GB included storage. This is the real value for money feature of this player. It saves your money to have memory card separately.There is no option to add storage. So, the built-in storage is the only memory in Lavod MP3 Player.

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Lavod MP3 Player

The MP3 Player has IPX8 waterproof. This ensures the product is safe until it reaches 10 meters deep into the water. Not only the waterproof, but it also has dustproof and noise proof. Those things are also important for people in swimming or sports. There is a clip in the backside of the MP3 player. Using that we can, clipped it to the shirts or pants, swimming goggles, backpack, etc. while we are working on and hearing the music. The battery gives 8 hours of play time. And can be charged through the Audio jack. The same jack is also used for data transmission.

The Earphone has an ergonomic design. The 360-degree swivel in the earbud makes it comfortable for any user. This Earphone is also had waterproof like the MP3 Player. The head clip around the earbud helps to wear it while you are working. It gives grip and holds compact to the ears.

The earbuds are covered with silicon rubber case. There are three sets of silicon rubber cases given. So, that different sizes available for different users.

The package contains 1 MP3 Player, 1 earphone, 3 pairs of earmuffs, 1 charging cable and 1 user manual.


The price of Lavod MP3 Player and Earphone is $20.99. If we take the value for money, this is a good deal. You got an MP3 Player and earphone with waterproof and bundled with many features that help all kinds of users. The price is also affordable.

Use Coupon Code: 5mp3 to get the discount. (Coupon end date: 09/30/2016)

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Lavod 8GB MP3 Player with Earphones Review, Features and Price
8.5 Overall
Sound Quality8.5

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