KeepVid Pro Review: The Best Video Downloader for Desktop

Video downloading needs have been increased drastically over the last few years. The biggest containers of the online videos are getting a huge amount of video files in each minute. As per the report from trusted sources, about 500 hours of video content is being uploaded to YT every minute! It is huge, isn’t it? Anyhow, there is no chance for not finding your favorites among the infinite video list on the online streaming website like Dailymotion, VineFlickr and of course YT and Facebook.

So, here is the KeepVid Pro video downloader for you. It provides online video downloads from about 10,000 online video streaming websites as well as it has a software version for Windows and Mac. Using this, users will be able to download videos right from their desktop without having to access the browser. So today, we decided to write the KeepVid Pro Review for our readers to help you determine the features of the software as well as its pros when compared to other video downloaders online. Let’s have a deep look.

KeepVid Pro Interface


The interface of the KeepVid Pro is nothing special than a simple one to paste video URLs in your clipboard, Download them, View the previously downloaded and In Progress videos, and even record the screen if needed. The Turbo Mode switch is on the bottom to help users enhance the video download speed on slower connections. Users will be also able to auto-convert downloaded videos to the specified format by switching the “Download then Convert” button on the upper right corner of the window.

In the ‘Online Video’ section, users will be able to browse and stream videos from 10000+ video streaming websites all around the internet. The process is very simple because the KeepVid Pro is designed like a browser where users can also control multiple tabs at the same time. So, the interface of the software is nothing to worry about as it provides easy understanding of the navigations at the first use itself.

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KeepVid Pro Features

As per the reports from KeepVid, around 100,000,000+ users have already downloaded videos using the KeepVid. It sounds like something big. So, we are taking a quick look into the features of the software to know what makes it really special when compared to other video downloaders on the field.

Download Videos from 10,000+ Websites

Using KeepVid Pro, users will be able to download videos from about 10,000 video streaming websites. The list is elongating as YT, Dailymotion, Ted, MyVideo, Vevo, Yahoo, CBS, etc. Shortly, it can download any of your favorite videos within a matter of minutes from any of the online sources. To download a video, you just have to find the URL and copy it to the clipboard. In the software window, just click on the “Paste URL” button to download the video and click on the “Download MP3” button in the drop-down menu to download the MP3 file of the video.

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Download Videos as MP3 Music File

If you don’t want to download the visual part of the video, there is an option to extract the MP3 part from it. So, the file will reduce the size drastically making it a complete Music or MP3 file. This function is extremely useful incase you need your favorite songs to be extracted from the videos. As mentioned before, users just have to click on the “Download MP3” button in the drop-down menu of the “Paste URL” button to download the MP3 part of the video file.

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Convert Downloaded Videos

You don’t have to depend on an extra software to convert the downloaded videos to other formats. The built-in converter of the KeepVid Pro software can seamlessly convert the downloaded videos either on your command or by automatically by switching the “Download then Convert” button on the main screen to 150+ audio/video formats.

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Built-in Browser to Find and Stream Videos

Built-in Browser to Browse and Steam Videos online in KeepVid Pro

KeepVid Pro is coming with a built-in browser to help users find their favorite files to download right from the software. So, there is no need to depend an extra browser to find out your favorite videos. It also supports multiple tabs like in any other browsers like Chrome or Firefox, which makes it a complete virtual browser inside the software. There are different buttons pointing to different video streaming websites are placed in the ‘Online Video’ section of the software to help you easily reach those websites.

Record Videos

KeepVid Pro Screen Recorder to record videos

If any of the videos couldn’t be downloaded due to any restrictions or errors, there is a screen recorder function in KeepVid Pro. You just have to click on the “Record Video” button to start recording the screen. It will automatically install a virtual sound card in your PC to capture the sound part of the video. The area of recording and other features can be tweaked as per your needs.

Manage Videos with Video Library

Even there is no such Video Library function in KeepVid Pro, it virtually acts like a video library where you could manage the downloaded videos and MP3 files seamlessly. Last but not least, this feature is also a popularity enhancer of KeepVid Pro video downloader.

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Pros of KeepVid Pro

  • Download Videos or MP3 files from more than 10,000 Sites.
  • Also Download Channels or Playlists in Batch
  • Convert Videos to Popular Formats Such as MP3, MP4 either manually or automatically
  • Merge HD Audio and Video File Automatically
  • Download Subtitles
  • Easy to Use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free Version available

Cons of KeepVid Pro

  • YT website couldn’t be browsed in Online Video section


After analyzing and testing the software in various ways, we found that the KeepVid Pro is one of the best video downloaders for desktop. The video downloading speed is good and has no bugs at all. If you would like to buy the product, you could give a try to the trial version of the software from the link below. In our opinion, if you need a video downloading software for your desktop, KeepVid Pro is a software that worths the money.

9 Total Score
KeepVid Pro Review

KeepVid Pro is one of the best video downloaders for desktop which allows the users to download videos from 10,000+ video streaming websites.

Value for Money

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    David Henna Mar 18, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Techhacker, can you please help me? I purchased KeepVidPro yesterday with my credit card but
    I can’t even get in because I don’t see any way to put in the code that they automatically sent me and I’m told I need an application using the Monkey App but I’m not even sure if that loaded because I didn’t see anything being downloaded, and my first query went out 24 hours ago with no reply in sight. You seem to have mastered KeepVidPro, Techhacker. Can you please give me detailed directions on how to get started? KeepVidPro has detailed directions on how to use it but not how to get started. Thank you! David Henna from Honolulu. Uh–I hope my personal email isn’t being made public here. March 18, 2017. I’m a 73 years old decrepit newbie and need help.

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    Adam Oct 31, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    Picked it up not to long ago after using the browser based version for a very long time. It is an incredible product that is lightning fast.

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