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Email Marketing has been there just after the “Internet” was born. And there are nearly a thousand Email marketing tools to help you effectively do that, they all do the same thing: – Email Marketing.

So how would you choose the one that you should go with?  Every Email Marketing tool would leave no stone unturned to prove why they are the one among the best!

Now I’ve been in this industry long enough not to judge a book by its cover, so I went around trying out different services and products till I came across GetResponse.

Well, I had already heard enough buzz about it, it has a reputation, but that doesn’t mean I should start trusting it right away, right?

So instead what I did was, I took them up for a review last week, and on a personal level, I was more than satisfied! But hey my needs/methods/approach do not converge with yours, right? So what I’ll do is, I’ll just review the features I got from them here, and then you can be the better judge of the final verdict.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is one of the few E-mail marketing tools out there which isn’t just an E-mail marketing tool, but a complete marketing solution.

I’m not exaggerating, it does a lot more than just “Email” marketing, as you’ll soon see for yourselves in this review.

Unique Features You Get with GetResponse:-

As I’ve already said, there are quite a number of features which are “unique” and “exclusive” to GetResponse.

That’s what sets it apart from those everyday-life Email marketing tools out there in the market.

So I’ll first list those features which make it unique, and then we can head over to talk about other general features offered.

Drag & Drop Landing Pages:-


GetResponse lets you create landing pages too! It’s as simple as that. So, you do not need coding skills!

Well yeah, it’s all Drag & Drop! You drag elements; you drop them! How hard can it be?

Now, let’s get down to some technicalities. It not only lets you create beautifully and converting landing pages, but it also lets you choose from 100+ Pre-designed templates! 

I know you may be thinking that – “It’s not enough for me!”. However, there are tons more to discuss.

You not only get pre-designed templates, but you also get pre-designed forms to collect user data!  (Which are totally customizable in case you’re wondering!)

And the icing on the cake is that the landing pages would be entirely responsive! So you don’t have to worry about Google penalizing your site for not being responsive, or your users getting frustrated either!

Now you’re always going to need an E-mail marketing tool with a landing page to set it up and make it functional, right? With GetResponse, you get both the things embedded inside each other! That’s one less problem for you.

A/B Testing:-


As I said, I’ve worked with quite some Email Marketing tools, but not a lot of them offered me A/B testings.

Being honest, I’m the “research and implement” type, so these tests are important for me. (If you aren’t already A/B testing, trust me you’re missing big!)

The A/B testing feature not only lets you test your email campaigns but also your landing pages! I’d say that’s a green signal for me.

500+ Email Templates:-

This being an E-mail marketing tool, Email Templates are its essence, right?

So I won’t drag it far too long, all I’d say is, with GetResponse you don’t have to be a creative designer or a rocket scientist to understand customer acquisition.


They already have a set of 500+ templates which have been organized into specific sections/niches also and tested for massive results before being added here.

All you’ve got to do is, click on them, and start sending E-mails. (Check the templates out here Also)

Also, you get a detailed Inbox Preview just before sending the emails. So, you’ll know what it will look like in your subscribers inbox! (The “unique” factor just doesn’t seem to wear off for GetResponse I must say!)

AI Level Analytics:-

Speaking of “unique” features, let me be bold, I’ve never seen an analytic section as unique or “intelligent” as GetResponse’s.


They’ve got “Time-specific” metrics, meaning they give you exact hours when a certain E-mail was opened when it has the most impact and stuff like that.


It also presents you with sub-groups. It’s like List B, from the primary List A, List B would contain only specific people who maybe opened your previous email or specific data like that.

Advanced Tracking:-

GetResponse also lets you track the results from your E-mail marketing campaign to a great extent. Let’s just say you can track everything from Email open rates, to the conversions into leads, signups and what not.

Advanced Webinar Features:-

I know the above features themselves are more than overwhelming for you, right? (They were for me too!)

In fact, I think you should go out and Try them for free right now!

Anyway, did I mention? They’re probably the only Email Marketing tool (or the only one I’ve come across in my 4 years in this industry) who boast a built-in Webinar Page creation tool!

What this means is, you can organize and host webinars right from inside of your GetResponse accounts. (And I already did mention their detailed data and insight thing, right?)


And as far as the webinar is concerned, you get quite a lot of control over it. Let’s say you can Password Protect it, encrypt the connection and do a lot more than what other products offer.

Final Verdict:-

So hey, as I already said, they aren’t just an Email marketing solution, as you might have guessed by now. And I’ve listed out only around 30% of all the GetResponse features! (Yeah there are more, a lot more!)

But then, you’re most probably thinking (Just normal tools which let me create landing pages or host a webinar charge me over $100/month, what would a super-service like this which allows me to do everything be priced at?), Right?

Being honest, I’ve paid over $80/month just for “landing page creation” to other products, and then I had to buy a separate Email Marketing tool for it too!

But that’s again something GetResponse is revolutionary! Their plans start as low as $15/month! (Am I kidding?)


See? I’m not! I’m pretty sure for such an advanced Email Marketing tool + a landing page creator + a Webinar host + advanced analytics and integrations, $15 doesn’t really matter.

But hey, you don’t need to take my word for it, why don’t you go along and give them a try, for FREE! 


Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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