Two Huion Pen Tablets Presale Started

Looking deep into the Chinese market, we got one latest news that the Huion, a Chinese brand is looking forward to help the drawing enthusiasts with two of their upcoming releases. Huion INSPIROY G10T and Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD are the upcoming tablet devices that are extremely configured for the people working in the graphics business or the drawing enthusiasts. If you are one of those who likes to draw or sketch either as a hobby or for business purposes, these might be some pieces to consider. Let’s have a quick look at the details of the products.



Huion INSPIROY G10T is a graphics tablet offering separated areas for pen and multitouch with the support of wireless connectivity. There is a USB Type-C port available for the faster transfer. Six customizable Express Keys and pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity enhances the capability of the tablet to serve drawing lovers. 5080LPI touch resolution outputs stunning pictures through the screen. To provide extra strength on the Huion INSPIROY G10T an aluminum alloy chassis is used. In the battery section, there is a 2500 mAh battery lasting approximately 40 hours of continuous usage.

The Huion INSPIROY G10T is priced at $139.99, which cut down in the presale offer by 20 % making it $111.99. As per the official reports, the tablet will be officially released on October 26th.



Now coming to the Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD, it is also a Pen and Touch display valued tablet with a very high price when compared to the previous sibling. It is priced $699 in the global market that will be suitable for serious graphic designers and to those who has a good budget to spent. Supporting the high pricing, the device is coming with a FullHD 15.6-inch screen that has the features including an anti-glare AG glass and frosting surface. The three-in-one (HDMI, Power, USB) cable enhancing the connectivity features of the device. There are 14 Express keys alongside a touch bar, adjustable multi-angle holder and a pen with 2048 pressure sensitivity levels. All adds to the feature list of this monster.

15% discount on the presale makes it available for $594.14. The official release is on the same October 26th with the previous model. To avail the devices with the offers visit the presale page and book your one. Good luck.


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