Maxthon MX5 Browser Review

Maxthon is always known for its simplicity as a browser with the flat UI and minimal functions. With many releases, it is still popular behind some very big brands and serving thousands of people all around the globe. This time, the company plans something big with their brand new browser, the Maxthon MX5. Focused on the speed and security, it’s equipped with many functions like a password manager, email spoofing, ad-blocking, etc. for the user-satisfaction to the extent.

Today, we’ve decided to present a review of the Maxthon MX5 browser which is still in its beta version. In this article, we will be covering the features of the MX5 and will thoroughly analyze the functions. So that, you will be able to compare it with the existing giants on the field. Have a look.

Maxthon MX5 Interface

As always, Maxthon implemented a simple and easy to navigate interface in MX5 also. It is very much faster to access the browser when comparing with others. It launches the program within milliseconds after the click on the icon! MX5 will take you to the Maxthon website by default which can be tweaked later. It utilizes a custom search engine powered by Google to deliver search results. So that, users could expect a better-customized search experience on the browser.

On top-left, there is an icon which brings the users to the functions like InfoBox, PassKeeper, UUMail, etc. New tabs can be accessed by clicking on the four rectangles next to the current tab. In addition, there are some functions like Screen Capture, Night Mode, and External windows tools access right from the browser itself. These functions are arranged in the top-right side of the browser window.

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All in all, the main interface of the MX5 consists of almost all functions of the browser which is beneficial for the quicker browsing experience. The company did well in not only making the browser faster but also making the interface easier.

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Maxthon MX5 Features

Maxthon MX5 is simply a feature rich but lightweight browser which could replace many services you are using in your current browser. Having a look at these will give you a better idea about the MX5. So, let’s have a deep look into the most important features and functions of the browser.

Speed, Privacy, and Security are the primary concerns

As any other browsers, the speed, privacy, and security are the primary concerns of the MX5 browser also. The highly encrypted and private browsing sessions will never expose your credentials or history to any attacker. With the support of the simple design, the speed is something to be noticed. It only takes some milliseconds to launch and switch between tabs which impressed us very much.

If these three things are your primary concerns from a browser, the Maxthon MX5 is one of the best choices you can make.

InfoBox: A shelter for your favorite web pages


If you have a habit of saving your favorite web pages for a second look, the Maxthon MX5 will be a good choice. When we first heard of this feature, we thought it will be just a variation from other web page managers with nothing more to expect. But after using it, we changed our mind. With the functions like One-click web page saving which saves your favorites to the InfoBox and to the cloud both in the same time to ensure the security, MX5 did the job much better. You could also save static versions of the web pages with all the links and images to the InfoBox but not videos.

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The snapshot feature can fetch the screen to an image file for further usage. All saved web pages could be accessed and managed from the InfoBox in future. So, it’s a complete shelter for your favorite web pages.

PassKeeper: Keep your credentials safe and organized


You might be using some password management services like LastPass for easily accessing specific services without remembering the credentials. The MX5 browser is coming with this inbuilt feature. Every time you signup for some services, it asks you to save the password. It automatically generates a strong password for the form which will be a combination of letters, numbers, characters, etc. for better security.

With the help of multiple encryption methods including AES256, the passwords will be always safe like in a locker. Thanks to Maxthon for including this life-saver in MX5.

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UUMail: An anti-spam mailbox


Hate spam? The MX5 has a pit stop solution. The UUMail is a mailbox included in the MX5 with complete anonymity and spam prevention methods. If you are a victim of continuous spam emails that risks your security, this might be a good mailbox to give a try. Using UUMail, you will be able to forward spam emails to whatever mail you’d like. It will keep your important mailbox clean and safe without risking your security.

There is also a ‘Shadow Mail’ feature in UUMail which creates disposable emails for you. You could use it in any websites for temporary usage. So that, you could prevent unwanted subscription and newsletter emails from the third-party websites.

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AdBlocker: Get rid of those annoying ads

As the MX5’s main intention is to provide a speedy, user-friendly browsing experience, the ads are always a barrier. So, the browser is coming with a built-in AdBlocker function which blocks any types of annoying ads on web pages. In our tests, it successfully blocked almost of the ad types except for some popup units which use special scripts. Anyhow, it is likely to see such an addition in MX5.

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Other noticeable Features of the MX5

  • Split-screen mode: Displays two web pages in a single tab, making it easy to transfer date from online forms or other materials.
  • Night Mode: Adjusts the brightness of the screen for low-light reading which is good for eyes.
  • Screen snap: Take screenshots with Maxthon ‘Snap’ right from the browser.
  • Shadow Mail: Create a Disposable temporary mail easily.
  • Cross-platform sync up and offline visiting.


After analyzing the features and functions of the MX5, it definitely worthy to be installed on your computer. As it is equipped with multiple functions like AdBlocker, MailBox, Password manager, etc., it is also a replacement for many paid and non-paid services. If you would like to give a try, you could do that from the following link.

Download Maxthon MX5 Beta

Maxthon MX5 Browser Review
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