Here Comes the New Huawei Battleship: Huawei Mate 9 Pro

Come November 3, in ever lovely Munich, Germany, the Chinese phone company Huawei – now globally respected and extremely innovative- is expected to unleash yet another growling, prowling, snuffling beast into the Colosseum sorry premium smartphone arena. Here’s to hob-nobbling with the best of the best Huawei! Samsung, Apple where art thou?

While we don’t know much details as yet, what we do know is heart-stoppingly awesome. And you should definitely start saving your lunch money and eyeing that your inheritance. The phones will come in two versions: a kinda pedestrian and a Pro version hogging the choicest goods. The first version is suggestively named Manhattan and the latter Long Island. Both promise to awe the market and possibly cause pandemonium at their unveiling.

Drooling yet? Well here are the specs: read it and weep! Both are curvy like a Victoria’s secret model, and powered by the almighty Kirin 960 SOC. With 4GB and possibly more of ram and 64GB to 128GB to store all your naughty and precious pictures. External SD support is also highly likely.

The 5.9-inch screen on both models spits out 1080 full HD resolution on the Manhattan and 1440 x 2560 QHD overkill on the Long Island red sorry Pro. The QHD on the Pro version is going to come in very handy for the Google’s Daydream VR experience. The top end Pro will also sport the new delish Android Nougat.

Both will feature dual-sensor, dual lens, with the Pro again stealing its baby brother’s porridge by offering improved sensors, cameras, and functionality. Both will additionally sport a Leica branded camera setup and the now popular type C port on the bottom end. Not to worry you audiophiles, the 3.5mm jack sits proudly on the top of both devices. Blast your ears and thrill your demons!

November 3 can’t come quickly enough! Hurry up!


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