How Do Hackers Learn to Hack?

Maybe you are curious about how to become a hacker. To be one, you should be equipped with the necessary knowledge about computers. Not only that, you should be a creative thinker and a problem solver, too. But how does one master all these skills? In this post, let us look at how hackers learn to hack.

How to Start as a Beginner

Like everything else, you have to start from the beginning, the basics. When you want to attempt to hack something, start small. Don’t attempt to hack something that is impossible for the skills that you have at the moment. What you can do is to hone your skills in mastering the basics. This includes the concepts and theories that will build the foundation for your learning. Let’s see the steps on how to develop the right skills to be a hacker.

Exploring the Basics

If you want to be a hacker but you feel that your knowledge about computers is still not good enough, what you can do is to explore the basic concepts such as the operating systems. You can start off with Windows and Linux.

Other than that, learn more about firewalls, network protocols, and computer networking, as well as how all these things work. It’s not that difficult to learn about them. You can simply Google it and you will find your answers easily. However, the studying and learning part is still up to you.

Finding Good Sources

A good hacker is a resourceful researcher. What this means is that he finds all the resources he can find about a certain topic. He knows how to scour every part of the internet to increase his knowledge about hacking. Before you can get the skills you need for hacking, this value, resourcefulness, is something you should have.

Most of the information you can easily find on free internet sources are fragmented. They do not really give the full view of the idea or concept. That is why it is important to keep on looking for better resources to increase your knowledge.

Learning About Programming

Programming is one of the most important steps you should have if you intend to become a hacker. You may know by now that there are many software that makes hacking easier, but nonetheless, if you want to know how it’s done, you should be able to have the basic knowledge about programming. This includes JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and other programming languages. If you have better knowledge on these, you will be able to know the inner workings of a program.


Learning how to hack takes time. It is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You have to understand the basics, hone your skills, practice, and keep on practicing. Being a hacker doesn’t only require you to be resourceful; you also need to be patient. Sometimes, you may find it frustrating when you cannot successfully hack something. Nonetheless, you have to keep on trying because this is how you learn. With sufficient knowledge, resourcefulness, and patience, you will be able to hack in no time.


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