Apple Delays AirPod Release

Got bad news for fans of the crunchy Apple and its eponymous and occasionally seminal products. The ultimate must-have accessory for the iPhone 7 series- the AirPod has been delayed. Whether it has been slightly delayed or will be delayed longer than the Second coming we do not know. The reason for the delay is also murky. Nor has Apple released much details on the issue. The company merely says that it “needs more time” before the product can be available. More time for what Apple? To add a jetpack to it? Or a combine harvester?

Well, undeniably the pressure to possess this prized accessory is incredibly killing. We are yet to see gunfights and mayhem in the streets over bragging rights for the product but that might not be far off yet. Apple probably feels the need to perfect and perfect it some more to forestall critics like yours truly waiting to tear it apart. And also correct the software and hardware defects discovered during earlier beta testing. Far be it for them to deliver an ill-stewed Apple to users you know.

The AirPod is a marvel of creation, tech and innovation, incorporating several new technologies I don’t even have the courage to pronounce without biting off my tongue. All these new-fangled gizmos it sports must have been difficult as hell to make and expensive as sin to boot. But don’t worry you will fight to line up to pay through the nose for this! Apple has placed their new gizmo smack in the center of their galaxy and future tech, so it is undoubtedly ensuring the product and launch will be a smashing success.

So, when will the AirPod be ready? Well, your guess is as good as my orange.


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