Will the MacBook Pro Price Drop in Coming Years

Yes, oh yes, Apple does make top-of-the-range and wondrously innovative products that effortlessly wow, enchant and influence us while turning the world upside down even years later. The only catch is that they tend to cost an arm, leg and half your liver. This might change though, were you to cross your fingers and jump sideways thrice while reciting a particularly difficult and obscure prayer. Or nearly so says the usually reliable Apple analyst King Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities.

While Apple has just announced a thorough refresh of its Macbook range, this clairvoyant seer foresees even more hardware refreshes and a possible price cut. He is yet to announce a deity we ought to sacrifice to make this a reality, but let’s watch and pray.

According to his report, Apple tends to overprice at the beginning of each new Macbook era before deigning to hear our grievous lamentations and lowering the price eventually. So, Kuo believes that Apple will announce price drops for its Macbooks sometime during the second half of next year. Fingers crossed fellas.

Kuo additionally believes that as the USB-C and and the Touch bar ages like 50 year old scotch, improves and becomes industry standard, that it would attract and encourage more customers to upgrade their devices in order to keep up with the Joneses.

Apple might also according to him offer from mid next year heavily steroidized Macbook Pros that will sport 32GB of system RAM -to play backgammon with Prometheus eh or to tickle Zeus himself on the chin with? The seriously heavy RAM will be dependent however on whether timely Intel releases its new Canonlake processors.

According to the Kuo analysis, the Canonlake CPU with LPDDR 4 RAM is considerably more power efficient than existing CPU’s. Were Intel to be tardy however, Apple will reluctantly use Coffeelake processors, which utilize LPDDR 3 RAM and drinks power like a lush at a party.

Well, better start saving up the pennies people!


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