Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro Launched

From the stables of Xiaomi comes yet another product for making your life -and sinus!- easier, fresher and more alluring. Proudly unveiling its latest range of air purifiers this Tuesday, the company once again shows off what a true jack-of-all-trades and master of them all that it is. The newborn Xiaomi air purifier pro is the latest range in its smart home series. Its an enhanced version of its predecessor -the Mi Air Purifier 2- offering drastically improved capabilities, abilities, sensors, coverage and functions.

Its an artistically designed package that subtly mimics the Apple range of gadgets with its white and cute exterior. The main external difference from its august ancestors comes in the form of an OLED display that will enable you to tell at a glance the air quality -or lack of it- at any point in time, as well as the temperature and humidity. The aforementioned and extremely useful display is circular and helpfully ringed by colors that varies from safe green to warning yellow to danger red depending on the air quality. The display is smart and constantly adjusts its brightness depending on its surroundings for optimum visibility and usability. It even helpfully turns itself off at night so you won’t be distracted by all the flashing and cuteness.

According to Xiaomi, its new kid on the block packs improved air filtering capabilities that is 61% more effective than its predecessors and is also capable of filtering air over an astounding 60 square meters. The filter is triple layered with PET, Toray and activated carbon for optimum effectiveness. It also sports an ultra-effective high resolution laser sensor that detects and neutralizes ultra fine particles. The product additionally can deliver 500 meters of clean air an hour versus 317 for its predecessor.

Best feature? We think it must be the WiFi capability and connectiveness that lets you command and control it via the Mi app for Android and iOS. Or delegate command to your family members while setting alarms, reminders and what have you.

Want some Xiaomi air? Well, you got to wait till November 11 to knock yourself out. It will be available then on the Xiaomi website, its crowd-funding portal and some other Chinese retailers.

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