1.8 Billion Monthly Users and Endlessly Active Facebook User Count Grows

Ever logged in on Facebook after a while and faced mountains of friend requests, ceaseless messages from even more endless and obscure acquaintances, and a gargantuanly growing list of groups demanding you join them or else? Well, it seems there’s a reason for all these after all. Reason being near 2 billion yes TWO billion people monthly, actively and rapidly utilize the social media website.

All these traffic is good for something at least besides bragging rights -revenue and masses of it. Facebook easily met revenue and profit targets for the third quarter of the year. It netted a gargantuan $7 Billion in revenues in just a quarter for the first time ever and surpassed projected earnings per share. All due to strong sales and phenomenal advertising growth. Still, that hasn’t stopped some investors from getting a Lil’ jittery and selling off their shares after the company revenues grew slower than a year ago. What planet were you on a year ago?

Well, I would gladly buy all the Facebook shares I can get my hands on if I could afford it. Or when my skill in turning lead into gold properly pans out. Reason being that I have a lot of faith in the company and have been through thick and thin with it from its earliest stuttering days to the magnificent present. It’s in fact near impossible to think of any friends or acquaintances of mine not on Facebook. It’s practically required membership for all these days!

And its farsightedly diversifying, moving away from its traditional applications to business, entertainment, and enterprise. And oh my fav, the Oculus Rift VR and the Facebooky drones that freely connect rural communities to the globe.

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Facebook has long had its eyes set far ahead on the future and its limitless possibilities. This has been both its strength for users and Achilles heel for investors who are interested in near-term gain. Is the Facebook vision viable for the long term? Undoubtedly. So, onward my Facebook soldiers!


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