Huawei Fit Activity Tracker Launched

You an exercise fiend? Or a muscle beach aficionado? Or just want to look extra cool while shedding and hopefully keeping those sticky and pesky pounds at arm’s length? You are in luck then cos Huawei got your sweaty back and a piece of the current fitness band craze.

Its latest fitness/exercise tracker looks just like a watch, and a nice looking one at that. So you got a convenient excuse ready when seen wearing it. But it still works beautifully hard at what it does. Which are:tracking your steps, monitoring your heart rate, counting the bounteous calories and gauging your sleep quality and pattern.You can take it jogging and even skinny dipping since it has a water resistant rating of IP68. Just don’t expect your swimming and fishy exploits to be recorded though, least not till a software update arrives on a canoe sometime next year.

The beautifully round screen is a 1.04 inches LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 208 x 208, which is incidentally exceptionally bright and clear. So, outdoor usability and readability should not be a problem. The battery is a tiny 80 mAh that should last for around 30 days on standby and six days of normal use. Charging time for the device is around 2 hours.

Its additional features are a 6-axis motion sensor, a capacitive sensor that automatically detects when you wear it, an ambient light sensor, a micro USB 2.0 port, a four-pin magnetic charging port and Bluetooth. You can also conveniently pair the device with a smartphone and receive notifications for calls and messages.

Colors? Titanium Gray and Moonlight Silver with 18mm or 20mm swappable Blue, Orange, and Black straps.

Price? Around $130, which is roughly Rs. 8,700.

Availability? US presently and Europe to follow soon after. And online via Amazon and Newegg.

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