New Wondershare TunesGo Phone Manager Review

Managing your phone’s music files was never easier. Lot of sweat and wasted time irritated you for long. So, no more step into these difficulties. The Wondershare TunesGo is a complete phone manager that helps to play, backup, transfer, music and other types of files like videos, photos contacts, SMS, etc. between your devices. The easy process can fulfill the uses of multiple software at the same time on this all in one phone manager. It is very easy to use as well as it is coming with an impressive UI. Sweetening the popularity, the software is now available in the latest version.

As we’ve found this software as one of the best solutions to manage the music files,  we’ve decided to have a thorough review of the product. The functions are promising and are capable of providing the easiness in managing your files like never before. It even doesn’t require to run iTunes to allow you transfer files between your Apple devices (But needs to be installed.) The built-in functionality can connect your devices together allowing the faster, effective music transfer.

The New TunesGo is also coming with several features like Backup that allows to backup all your media files for restoring in future, ID3 tags fix to effectively keep track of your music files and edit the info, Duplicate remover to remove duplicate tracks from a long list. These all makes the software one of the best in the industry. To have a thorough understanding, let’s explore more about the software.

The Interface

As we’ve seen in many Wondershare products, the New TunesGo is also coming with a user-friendly UI. The functions are placed one another on the top bar of the window for easier access. Users can manage any of their photos, videos, or music files by navigating to the right tab from the top bar. The available functions are stacked on the main bottom side in form of the buttons. The one-click actions takes no longer to complete the process and is very efficient in effectively completing it.


It is also very easy to connect devices to the software as no additional driver installations needed. The TuneGo automatically detects the connected device and shows on the software window. So, in the interface section, the Wondershare TunesGo has a good advantage over the competitors on the field.

The Features

The New Wondershare TunesGo has a nice feature set that covers almost of the needs of every music lover. You could listen, manage, backup and transfer music files seamlessly with the software. Here are some of the most noticeable features of the software.

Seamless Transfer Options and Speed


Using Wondershare TunesGo, users will be able to transfer their music files between devices seamlessly. If you have the iTunes installed on your computer, you could easily transfer files from and to the iOS devices even without accessing the iTunes. The software automatically fetches the files and builds a fresh index where you could select the files to transfer. The transfer speed looks good most of the times except in a few cases.

Duplicate Removal tool works perfectly


We’ve seen many duplicate music removal tools in the past. But most of them failed in providing the features that they offered. But, this time on the Wondershare software, we were able to find most of the duplicate files from our tests. Except for a few files, the software did a great job in finding and listing the duplicate tracks that consumed unnecessary space on the storage. The process is also very fast, and it never makes users wait on the bed for a while.

Backup and Restore Feature

The backup and restore feature is a blessing for those who frequently got problems of losing their favorite files. If you are a dynamic user who does something more than just Gaming on the PC, it is very necessary to backup your favorite songs as well as any other files. So, the TunesGo comes with this handy feature that allows to backup and restore music files seamlessly.

File Explorer


There is an inbuilt file explorer inside the software that can explore all of your device files including the root. So, the users don’t have to touch the smartphone for copying or deleting some files after connecting it to the computer. A small feature but not least.

One Click Root Really Does the Job


We personally tested the software with a couple of our old smartphones. The software was able to root them within a matter of minutes. No hassles or problems of downloading the custom ROMs or nothing else. Just click a button on the software, allow some permissions on the smartphone, and within a couple of restarts, the process is done.

Note: Be cautious before rooting the smartphone. Read our article on problems of rooting.


  • Good Transfer Speed
  • User-Friendly Interface with Improvements
  • Many additional functions


  • Sometimes lags in the process

What users saying about the software

Here are some of the user reviews taken from the Wondershare website to let you know what users are saying about the software. This will help you to make a better decision from the real experience of the users.



After testing the Revised Wondershare TunesGo for several days and running various tests, we found it one of the best phone manager software to easily keep in control with your music files. In addition, it also supports various other files including videos, apps, SMS, contacts, etc. and allowing to manage them effectively. It is a good choice if you are looking for a phone manager for your Android or iOS devices. The software costs $49.95 for the yearly license and $59.95 for the lifetime. There are also other plans available which could be customized as per the requirements of the user.

If you got impressed with the features of the New TunesGo and wanted to try or buy it, you could do that from the following link. One thing we can say is that you won’t regret for the money spent on this software.

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New Wondershare TunesGo Phone Manager Review
7.8 Overall
Value for money7

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