How to Check IP Address in Linux

The Linux OS is interesting to many people. I’d say it’s the android of the computer world. This is in the sense that it gives more customizability and options to the user. Linux gives you more power and you control what you want to do or not to do. There are some simple tasks that can be hard to perform for some users. For instance, say, how to check IP address in Linux. In that case, let’s focus on that problem and see how we can solve it. Here are a few ways you can get access to this information.

How to Check IP Address in Linux using the Interface

You can get this information form the Ubuntu interface itself in two ways. First, go to the network icon, right click it and scroll down and select connection information.  It’s at this point that a window with all the information you need will pop up. In case you can’t find your network icon, you can simply navigate to the network tools section. To get there, you have to go to system, then administration and it’s there that you’ll find it. All you need to do now is to select the right network device and you’ll have all the information that you need.

Using Terminal

I’d say a terminal window is Ubuntu’s equivalent of command prompt. Terminal can be found in your list of applications on your PC. You’re going to have to enter a command in order to view your IP address. The command is simply,


This will bring up all the information you need. Your IP address will be the one written inet addr: XXXX. XXX are the numbers that you’ll see.

There might be other networks that you might see when using terminal. Don’t get confused, your best bet is the first Ethernet adapter you see on the list that is ”eth0” that’s the one you want.  Ubuntu gives you options and somewhat ease at times. Did this tutorial prove to be useful to you? Do you have any other better options? Let us know in the comments below.


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