Whatsapp Enabled New Two-Step Verification

Looks like yours and mine favorite messaging and other naughty things platform just got way better and secure. A Beta and much Better version of Whatsapp is currently out in the wilds with two-step verification for Fort-Knox-like security improvement. It gets even better as the new Whatsapp beta version -version 2.16.341 and above- can additionally croon audio messages in the background while you tap your thumbs and other fingers off. Previously, to play audio messages you were forced to stay on that particular chat window. But now, you can freely switch between chat windows and even apps while listening to voice messages and audio files sent to you via Whatsapp.

If you do have the beta update available right now on your device, then welcome to Neverland. To enable the nifty and newfangled feature, just head over to Settings > Account > Two-Step verification and grandly press ‘Enable’. You will then be asked to input a super-secret 6 digit passcode you must thereafter re-input each time you register that particular phone number with Whatsapp. After inputting the passcode, you will be also asked to provide a recovery email in case your memory gets wiped clean by aliens and you sadly can’t remember your code anymore. After that, a window sprouts up showing ‘Two-Step Verification Is Enabled’, and you will additionally get options to either disable it, or change your passcode or your email address.

With the two-step verification ruling your chat world, no one can thereafter log into your Whatsapp account or re-register with your number even if they do have access to your phone number.

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Well, wipe off your drool and listen up: if you want the beta now, better get a move on and go join the beta program. Or you can always wait till it’s officially available on the Google Play store Playground and go chat up a storm.


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