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Are You Making It Easy To Share Your Content? As a blogger, we all want our content shared. After all, you’ve put a lot of energy into creating great content. Now it’s time to help that content spread.

We have just the tool for you. With the Clkim ShareBox, you can provide your readers with the chance to easily share your blog posts on any social network they choose, including Facebook, Google +, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

Along with one-touch sharing options for users, the Clkim Sharebox also provides WordPress Publishers with loads of features for shortening, track, and monetize content.

Easy, Customizable, WordPress Integration

The Clkim Sharebox Plugin is perfect for WordPress Bloggers and Publishers of any kind.

Once you download and extract the Plugin, simply place the file into the wp-content/plugins folder, and you’re all set.

You can set the Sharebox to appear on every page of your site, only on article pages, or even only specific pages of your site.

The Plugin is simple but highly effective for increasing the Sharing power and ROI of your content.

Private Branded Domain: Say A Story Behind Every Link

Something we liked about the Clkim suite is the potential to purchase a branded shortened URL for your business. Branded short links are a great way to increase clicks on your content.

For example, brands like Nike use the branded URL “” for all of their Social Shares. In this way, no matter where the link is shared, audiences are reminded of the Nike brand.

Studies also prove that branded short links can lead to an up to 34% increase in CTR.

Here are some examples of brands using branded shortened links:

  • Nike: sh (based off of Nike’s logo, which symbolizes a basketball net reacting to a “swoosh”)
  • Obama’s Campaign: Bo (“Organizing for Action: Barack Obama”)
  • Virgin Airlines:

The important thing to take note of here is the added brand value which this feature provides. If you wish, you can use the default “” link as the foundation of your shortened link, but we can recommend taking it one step further by purchasing a branded domain (which works best for you) straight from Clkim’s easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Anytime someone sees your branded link somewhere on the web; they will be reminded of your brand, thereby building trust and authority for your business amongst the masses. 

How To Purchase Your Very Own Shortened Branded URL

Connecting your own shortened branded URL into your social media efforts has never been easier with the Clkim dashboard!

All you have to do is purchase

Never Lose Another Share

One of the reasons that Social Sharing is becoming so important is because of the “referral value” that a ‘share’ can bring your business. Think about it. Social networks contain communities of people that trust each others’ opinions. When someone shares your content, it means he values your brand as a reliable source. Studies prove that referrals from friends or family is one of the top trust-builders for businesses of any kind. 

Despite the power of Social Media, it also has its disadvantages. The average attention span is shorter than ever. The Clkim Sharing plugin is able to shave off about 10 seconds that it takes the user to open a new tab, login into their Social Media Network, Copy-Paste the link to your content, and hit “Share”. The amount of things that can distract the user during that time is endless. That’s why a Sharing Plugin is so crucial to your blogging plan. Don’t let another share get lost!

Another reason you should be focusing on getting your content shared is because the modern person now relies on Social Media for getting information on just about anything. The new term for Social Media information is “the Wisdom of the Crowd”. Shouldn’t your brand’s content be among that wisdom? This trend is only growing, and the time to get in on it is now.

Analytics Features 

Aside from making it easier for people to share your content, the Clkim Sharebox also comes with an unbeatable dashboard of link management, and link intelligence.

The heart of the Clkim dashboard is a Link-Shortening tool which is fully charged with a unique combination of tracking and monetization features that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The dashboard contains the following metrics about your audience:

  1. Traffic Types – Social, Direct, or Bots.
  2. How your content was viewed – Operating System, Device, Browser.
  3. Regional Stats – Where your audience is located.
  4. Clicks – Total, and Daily.
  5. Top Referrers – Understand which sites are sending you the most traffic.

You can also create custom reports on your traffic based on a date range you choose.

To help maximize the chances of your content going viral, it’s important to understand how your audience is interacting with your content. Link engagement is one of the factors that plays into your online presence across all your channels.

By harnessing the power of analytics, you can see all of your shortened links in one intuitive platform. This can give you clues of where to take your content plan in the future. 

The Ripple Effect of Social Media

As bloggers, most of us have experienced the elation that a sharable piece of content can bring its creator. You write about something that you deeply care about, and people start responding. They comment on your content, share it, like it, and you’re in the clouds.

The Clkim Sharing Plugin taps into the potential of Social Media to spread your brand globally.

The more people react to your content, the greater its exposure. For example, when Diane shares a Clkim shortened link, it goes out to her entire Social Network. If just one person from Diane’s network (let’s say Joe) also reacts to the content, then a whole new network (Joe’s) can now also see the content. And so, the virality begins. It turns into a ripple effect of people reacting to the same content.

Social networks love content that gets shared and commented on. Shares also cause search engines like Google to trust your site more, because it means you’re creating content that people care about it. Sharing factors are increasingly playing into the Organic SEO rankings of your site.


We highly recommend this software and have also heard great things from colleagues that are using the Clkim link management platform. The customer service is exceptional, so if you have any questions along the way, they’ll help you take your blog or site to the next level.

Check it out for yourself. Based on our research, it’s rare to find a sharing platform with this type of versatility and added value for your business.

7.5 Total Score
Clkim - ShareBox Plugin Review

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