Infinitum Review: Get Multi Locational IP Addresses

IP addresses are important and sometimes you may need some for you. Internet security being exposed to potential threats these days. To play safe on this network, the users should be able to take necessary precautions. Hiding your IP and opting a private one is such a great way to be anonymous all the time you are on the internet. Addition to this, users will also be able to unblock geo-location firewalls like access to certain services and websites. So that, it does also bring the functions of a basic VPN to the IP lease service.

While having a search on the internet, we found the Infinitum, such a nice IP4 lease service that provides both IPv4 lease as well as the IPv6. Like the familiar VPNs, the service provides different unique IP addresses based in different geo-locations that completely anonymise the user’s original location. The company offers genuine non-blacklisted IP addresses to play completely safe on the web.

The features are much pleasing as the setup process itself impressed us. We place an order on their website (You can find the link below), and after a few reviewal processes alongside your confirmation, those IPs will be assigned to you. The process can be easily determined from the following screenshot.


The complete procedure will be over within 24-hours which is fast enough for various IP addresses you selected. You could select as many IPs as needed but the pricing will vary according to the volume. A pricing table based on the selected IPs is given below.


The pricing sounds good. Even if it is not the cheapest in the industry, still the cheapness made us happy. It only costs around $0.65 per IP/month up to 1K IPs. But the pricing considerably reduces as you purchase more.

Infinitum allows you to manage all the IP addresses effectively with the rDNS control. You can also set up PTR records yourself. All plans include the features like.

  • Mixed Subnets
  • SWIP Geo-Location
  • Announce Anywhere
  • WHOIS Management
  • Any RIR or Region
  • DNS Delegation


Infinitum is a good service to choose whenever you need some IP addresses for your needs. It provides both IPv4 and IPv6 versions as per the requirements of the users. Before signing up for the service, you should have a look at their legal page to get the information regarding its usage. If you would like to give it a try, you could do that from the following link. We recommend this service for the businesses as they will greatly help to strengthen your network all around the globe. But yes, it can also be used for personal purposes.

Visit Infinitum


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