Why It is the Largest Pop-under Ad Exchange? Why It is the Largest Pop-under Ad Exchange? provides a powerful and effective unified ad network platform that optimizes your ad campaigns, targets audiences, and scores traffic across multiple systems and platforms including web, email, video and mobile. It is integrated with different ad formats and third-party data. It also helps keep track of analytics for different devices and apps. The platform currently serves over 150,000 websites, generates more than 10 million qualified leads a month, and runs over 5,000 active campaigns a day. There are more than 50 experienced team members behind it.

The platform currently serves ads in over 180 nations and over half a billion impressions daily. – Quality Traffic Source

High quality traffic source is a concern for everyone. Yes Advertising helps deliver exactly that. It is the largest pop-under ad exchange, providing targeted mobile and desktop traffic. It has been leading the industry for over 16 years now. The high quality traffic can be driven for different types of ads with different goals including surveys, branding, email submissions, business opportunities, games, and installs. The ad network can help generate the right kind of (relevant) traffic for your campaign.

Traffic Quality Engine

The Traffic Quality Engine used by YesAdvertising allows monitoring each and every impression before it is delivered to your marketing campaigns. There are many reasons why it stands out.

Also referred to as TQE, the Traffic Quality Engine allows scanning every IP. It helps in detecting and intercepting fraud activities in the real time. it also helps in measuring the changes of conversion. Thus, you are assured of the quality traffic deliverance.

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Another point to consider is that YesAdvertising’s traffic meets the leading industry standards. This includes the IAS, DoubleVerify and Forensiq.

Ad Formats

The YesAdvertising platform supports with over three dozen ad formats. The most commonly used ones include the following:

  • Pop under
  • Graphical banner
  • Text banner
  • Video
  • Interstitial
  • Offer wall

The minimum required deposit for advertisers is $100. The network works on all the common models including CPC, CPA and CPM. There is high level of flexibility with regard to the payments and you could initiate anytime.

There are two main aspects to this network and it depends on what your goal is.

1. Advertising

You can use YesAdvertising to reach your target audience with your offers in a more effective way. It helps you with in-depth targeting, start campaigns in just minutes, and reduce your CPC, CPV or CPM ad costs. It also offers pixel tracking and API.

The Perfect Answer for Advertisers

The platform brings together in-depth analytics, big data, and integrations to help in optimizing both web and mobile campaigns. All IP addresses undergo scanning with traffic quality scoring systems. this means that conversion probability is measured in advance, allowing you to know in advance what outcomes can be expected from your campaigns.

Ad Models

YesAdvertising allows you to choose from 3 unique models. The payment structure is highly flexible. This is done to address the budget and goals of each business type.

The bid price starts from just $0.0005. Advertisers can start with minimal amount.


The main advantages of using YesAdvertising for advertisers are as following:

  • Creativity: It offers special web and mobile inventory.
  • Optimization: It will optimize ad campaigns automatically.
  • Targeting: There a dozen targeting features.
  • Split-Testing: It performs split testing automatically.
  • User-friendly: You will have total control over your campaigns.
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YesAdvertising also allows you to learn about your campaigns through pixel and S2S tracking.

2. Monetizing

This aspect of YesAdvertising also allows you to get the best value against your ad space. The network serves only secured ads with high eCPM. It also ensures timely payments.

YesAdvertising Services

  • Display: The platform allows you to access best quality media inventory which has a direct impact on increased volume of page views and time spent.
  • Email: Get access to easier email marketing solutions that come with features that help drive your business and achieve goals.
  • Video: Mobile/web video campaigns can be managed and scaled with the help of an experienced team.
  • Mobile: Get access to all mobile ad formats, banner, pop-ups and everything in between. it makes it easier to reach your target audience with your app.
  • Native: Mobile optimized content allows you to drive targeted traffic to your articles. A highly flexible PPC model allows reaching your engaged audience.
  • Search: YesAdvertising also provides access to its range of premium partners, which means access to in-text ad networks, contextual ad networks, search, and domain parking.

YesAdvertising adopts the latest programmatic ad technology to help advertisers achieve effective results. The technology helps you base your campaigns on real and live feedback. You can target your campaigns on different aspects including contextual targeting, traffic score, channel, and audience targeting using this platform. Currently, YesAdvertising is offering a special coupon to make it even more rewarding to use its network. It is offering a special bonus of $50 against deposit of $100. The coupon code is C027EFF.


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