Top 5 Best Messaging Apps for Android

Not everyone uses apps like WhatsApp and Messenger for texting. Some still prefer the old-fashioned method and would like to utilize their unlimited text messages bundle. The standard messaging app can be a bore as it’s just to basic, so on that note, I’d like to give you the best messaging apps for Android.

 #1. GO SMS Pro

To kick off the list is an app that I’ve personally used and enjoyed a lot, GO SMS Pro. What I like most about this app is the themes and stickers that come with it. They are usually well designed and integrate well with the interface as well. On top of that, they are free although there are some few paid ones that you can get.

GO SMS Pro also features a “delay to send” option. As the name implies, it gives you a few seconds in which you get to stop the message from sending. This is for when autocorrect messes up the words or you’ve made a mistake in your text. Either way, this app is a good choice when it comes to messaging apps.

Price: Free+

#2. Textra SMS

Here’s another one of those best texting apps that’ll impress you. Textra SMS has a beautiful, but simplistic UI and also offers a ton of features. The app is customizable as you can choose the color theme that you want among many other things.

In addition to that, you can request delivery reports and save the MMS that you receive and much more. The best part about this app is that it provides a quick reply pop up. This allows you to answer a message without having to exit an app.

Textra SMS
Price: Free+

#3. Chomp SMS

One of the oldies on this list, Chomp SMS has been around for quite some time. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the best apps for messaging as the developers have been able to fine tune it to perfection. The app does offer many features such as intense privacy options, message lock, and contact blacklisting among many others. Chomp SMS also has compatibility with Android wear as well as push bullet.

chomp SMS
Price: Free+

#4. Handcent SMS

This is a great option if you’re a fan of feature-heavy apps. Handcent SMS does support both messaging and MMS. With this app, you get a number of things such as message lock, quick reply popup as well as customization options for skins and themes among many others. You have to note that these features do come at a price, Memory. The smartphone that you choose to get should have a lot of memory or else you stand to gain nothing as the app lags and slows down the phone.

Handcent Next SMS
Price: Free+

#5. Google Messenger

Google has been trying its hands-on media recently, more so social media. They have come up with many apps, and many of them haven’t proven to be as successful as they would have wanted. One app though that seems to have nailed down the fundamentals of what it should do is Google Messenger. With a great interface and many of Hangout’s nicer qualities, it’s no surprise that this is one of the few success stories of Google’s ventures into social media.

Android Messages
Price: Free

These are just some of the few best messaging apps. I’d like to know do you still use messaging or have you moved on to the other apps like WhatsApp and the like? If you still do, which app do you enjoy using?

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