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Android gaming has grown its roots deep into the hearts of the smartphone users. It is very difficult to find someone who hates games or even don’t play a single one in their handy smartphone. If you are one of them, it is the time to rethink. There are numerous Action, Adventure or Simulation games available both for your Android and iOS platforms. They will help to relieve stress and to gift yourself some enjoyment at zero cost. So, try to step into this amazing world of gaming. is a nice action-based game to start with. Or even continue your gaming journey by taking a diversion. Fishes are everywhere in the game in various colors and forms. There is only one rule, ‘Eat or get Eaten.’ All you have to do is to control your own battleship fish and beat others by eating them and escaping from others using numerous techniques. As long as you survive and grow, that indicates your win and loss in it. So, after numerous app and game reviews, we’ve now decided to have a deep look into the which we found, will be interesting. Have a look.

eatme-game-features Game Interface provides a simple but guided interface with a definitive tutorial on playing the game. At the first launch, it will ask you to name your favorite fish whom you will be controlling throughout the game. You will be also asked to choose the control type. After choosing the appropriate options, it is the tutorial time. If you already played the game before, it may be a little boring. If so, you can skip it and start hunting fishes. If not, the tutorial is a nice feature that we found in this game.

It is very easy to use the game both in interface and controls. No special superman skills needed to have a fun session on Just tighten your belts and find a proper seating and start swiping your screen. Game Details and Features

As usual, we will be listing some of the most likely features that we found in this game. This will help you to get a better idea about it and what does the game meant to be.

After setting up the initial things, the game will start on the screen where you will see your hero in between a lot of green dots. That’s what you have to eat for growing bigger than your enemies and eat them also. It is the main goal of the game. In the journey, it is tough to stay alive without getting eaten because the other fishes are also controlled by real gamers like you. Yes, of course, it is a multiplayer game like many other interesting games. Time to mention the, which is one of my personal favorites. The theme of that one and is almost same. Eat and Grow.


There are numerous levels in the game that you can unlock by completing milestones and specific actions. The levels are labeled as fishbowls sound interesting for a fish action game. To avoid enemies, you have to control your fish like a battleship and thing a little wise. If you were skilled in the hide and seek, you might probably find this one as a great choice. You could speed up or slow down your fish to get them passed or can use your nasty defense mechanism that is pooping towards your enemies. Sounds crazy, but it is fun to see this. There is also another interesting skill for your tiny friend that will split it into two tiny fishes which can move quicker and eventually combine into the original one.

As we’ve seen in many other multiplayer games, the also comes with a leaderboard and all another kind of stuff to compare yourself to thousands of competitors. As long as you survive, you will earn more rewards which will automatically get added to your profile under the name of the fish that you’ve chosen before. Trophies are the ultimate measure that decides the best players among thousands. You can also earn coins and a thing like the gems that we are familiar in the Clash of Clans.

You can use them to level up your fish and the abilities and even replace it with a better one. Don’t feel sentimental in leaving your friend, because the other one packs many times the abilities as the first fish you are controlling. It will be easier to control the new one according to the specific fish you chose. If you are very attached to the current one, you could always apply upgrades on it to make it better.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Descriptive tutorials
  • Good control
  • Multiplayer support and stats


  • The controller lags sometimes


After hours of having fun with the, we finally decided our verdict. It is nothing less than a nice action-based multiplayer game to spent some of your valuable time. The engaging gameplay makes it easier to pass some hard times by involving yourself deeply to the game. No matter which type of games you like or how old you are, is a must try because it costs nothing unless you want some advanced functions. The controls are easy, and the user-interface is remarkable. We never found a bug other than a few controlling issues happened rarely.

If you would like to give it a try, you could do that from the following links. It supports both Android and iOS devices and has no differences in the build at all. Go and have fun.

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