What is Google Mail

Google Mail also known as Gmail is a mailing service from Google which founded on April 1, 2004. The service was primarily targetted to deliver a messaging service from one user to another through the internet connection. As the technologies advanced, the service has also integrated by many features like attachments, chats, and even video calls. Today, Gmail serving its billion users by being one of the or probably the best mailing service in the globe.

Gmail provides free storage to the users (around 15GB) for storing images or important files secure online. With its unbreakable security features provided by Google, Gmail is one of the best secure mailing services around the globe. There is a dedicated Spam section in Gmail dashboard that clears out spam emails which are recognized by a special algorithm developed by Google. So that, the users even don’t have to find out the spam and clear it manually.

According to one of the Google CEO’s, Larry Page, the motivation behind creating Gmail was the frequent comments and complaints received regarding the existing mailing services all around the internet. As a company that always look forward with new inventions and technologies, Google decided to put forward a Faster, Safer, Private mailing service for absolutely free of cost. Now it became the best one in the world.

But to make revenue for the maintenance of the service, Google selling ad spaces to companies which will show up on different sections of the Gmail screen. Even it makes some confusions to the users, it is still manageable for such a great service which is being offered for free. The company still looking forward to include many functions to the Gmail to provide a better service to the users. The user count is increasing day by day at a large scale and will raise as much as they serve users.

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