What is Hacker

Hacker is a programmer who has special potentials in finding loopholes in the programs and Hacking it using them. They are just like programmers with all the abilities as them maybe something more. There are different types of hackers are on the globe including Ethical hackers who use their abilities for a good purpose and the Black hat hackers who use it for harmful purposes. By many trusted online sources, hackers were defined as the “clever programmers” with a lot of potentials.

Hacking is normally referred to as a negative word that means someone trying to steal information like Bank account details, Account passwords through various methods including Spamming. But, it can also be used for a positive purpose like finding problems in a newly created service or program. Ethical hackers can find the loopholes is a program or service and guide the developers in fixing the problem. So that, no Blackhat hackers will be able to use that loophole to gain access to the program and its functionalities.

The abilities of a good hacker are as follows.

  • Ability to program very quickly and efficiently.
  • Expertise in basic programming languages.
  • Through Understanding of the advanced programming languages.
  • Ability to find loopholes in a program or service.
  • Ability to understand and fix the problems quickly as well as guiding the developers to do so.
  • Enjoys what he do.

There are many incidents happened in the recent years like Online Robbing using the bank account details of the customers. Millions of people lost the money in their account when the hacker entered into the bank’s software and transferred the customer’s money into his own account. But now, the technology improved at its peak and it has a lot of security measurements to prevent hackers. Antivirus or Internet Security software are some examples.


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