What is Keyboard

The Keyboard is an input device of the computer which has many keys to operate it. Like the mouse, keyboard is also an essential part of the input unit of a computer. Most commonly, keyboards consist of Letters, Numbers, Symbols and Function Keys. The letter ranging from A-Z, the numbers from 0-9, Symbols including , (comma), . (dot), + (plus), – (minus), and the functions like Shift, Control, Caps Lock are all implemented using keys. There will be 101 keys on a US traditional keyboards and 104 keys on a Windows keyboard. But, the modern keyboards include more keys to fulfill users needs including Gaming, Music Listening, Video Streaming, etc.

The keys in a keyboard are arranged in QWERTY order which is the internationally accepted standard for the keys arrangements. There is another arrangement namely Dvorak which is specially designed for easier use. As many keyboards increased stress to the fingers as well as to the body, the Ergonomic keyboards invented for better operations.

There are different types of keyboards available on the market including, Wired Keyboard, Wireless Keyboard, Bluetooth Keyboard, etc. All are used for different purposes. Gaming Keyboards are also famous among the gamers that are specially designed for comfort during continuous gaming sessions for hours. They are also coming with Backlit technology for an easier access to the keys in night. Many extra keys and shortcuts are pre-programmed to such keyboards to provide a seamless gaming experience to the gamers.


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