Logitech M221 Silent Mouse Review

The Logitech M221 comes quieter than a grave, but not as expensive as a tombstone! It’s customizable, portable, extremely user-friendly and simply marvelous.

Tech companies are locked in a never-ending quest to innovate and beat the competition silly, and give it a TKO if possible. That’s after all how they make their money and loads of it. As well as also having a quixotic need/drive to deliver products that aim at making our lives easier, better and well…more silent. Apparently dearly concerned that those iconic and oft-annoying sounds that your mouse makes when you grasp its tail and click it could eventually make us deaf or hard-of-hearing due to noise pollution, Logitech has launched a new series of mice -and men!- to correct this tragedy. Tragedy both of course of it and other competitors -who gave us mice to click in the first place if not both?- And deliver zero-gravity worthy audio experiences while we click our lives and senses away.

The Logitech M221 represents the company’s first entry into the silent night, sorry mouse market. And aims to almost totally eliminate noise when properly utilized without in any other way whatsoever sacrificing usability, portability, attractiveness or features. According to Logitech, the crickety clicking noise has been reduced by about 90% and its new mice was so impressively hush-hush that it was the first globally to be awarded a Quiet Mark seal of approval by a grateful Noise Abatement Society. Noise reduction was also further improved via a bottom made of an unspecified high-performance material that smoothly glides rather than squeaks as you scroll away. The Logitech M221 is pixie-small and about as portable as a peanut. Inside the box, you get the mouse, nano receiver, single AA battery(already installed) and user documentation. Button-heavy it ain’t though. Available buttons are just three which works rather excellently as needed. These include: the standard, special and middle click buttons.

The Logitech M221 comes able to work on virtually any surface, courtesy of the company’s Advanced Optical Tracking Technology with a resolution of 1000 dpi. As well as having a range of 10 meters and being eminently compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. It is also ambidextrous and usable by either left or right-handed geeks. Moreover, it’s truly plug-and-play, with no downloading or software installation necessary before use. Simply plug in its nano receiver into your computing device, and you are good to roar, soar, and scroll.

Battery life on the M221 is about as long as Methuselah, or nearly with up to 18 months via an onboard single AA battery.  And when not in use, the mouse automatically goes into sleep mode for further battery longevity. Warranty period is 3 years limited hardware warranty, which is rather excellent and shows Logitech is putting its mouth where its money is when boasting about the M221’s durability. Just don’t use throw it at an MBT though or take it for a vacation to Mars.

Price is Rs.1,095, which is a little steep. But if you do appreciate the quiet like we do and want to work without getting others nearby twitching and red-eyed from all the clickety clicking noise, then the M221 is for you.

Logitech M221 Silent Mouse Review
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