3 Best Addons To Turn Mozilla Firefox As a Secured Browser

Security is everyone’s concern. As the increase in cyber crimes every day, we have to take care of our online identity to secure our browsing sessions. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser, if you are a fan of Firefox like me and looking to convert it as a robust security browser, here are the tips to follow.

Tools To Turn Mozilla Firefox As a Secured Browser

Disable WebRTC

Disable WebRTC

When it comes to cyber attacks, the leak of our IP address is the main reason. When you surf on your browser, your personal information could be leaked by some attacks. Hacker uses your IP address to steal your information. WebRTC is our first suggestion to stop the leak of your IP address from Firefox. It is a basic step to curb the leak of your information in your browsing session.

NoScript Security Suite

NoScript Security Suite

NoScript Security Suite is a very popular tool to secure your Firefox browsing. This tool allows Javascript and other executable scripts only from trusted domains of your choice. The user can allow or stop a particular website to run Javascript. It prevents the malicious attacks from a hacker who uses Javascript as their tool to steal your information.

Cupcake Bridge

You may hear of Tor Network name when coming to the anonymous browsing. Tor is a very popular web browser for secured web browsing. But unfortunately, the Tor is very slow. If you are looking for Tor like features on Firefox Cupcake Bridge is our suggestion.

It allows users to avoid network surveillance, which threatens their privacy and freedom.


There are some add-ons available for Firefox to turn it as a most secure browser. When it comes to privacy and security, every tool plays a major role to secure your online identity. Please share your valuable suggestions and essential add-ons for Firefox to share.

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