How to Restore WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp messages may be extremely important in certain situations. Either it was a chat with your boss or with an old friend, losing it may create some problems. But, if you have a backup of those WhatsApp messages, it is not a problem at all. You could easily restore it from the backup either stored in a cloud or your local phone storage. In this guide, we will be guiding you throughout the process to successfully restore WhatsApp messages within a couple of minutes. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions in order to avoid any mistakes.

Note: Before restoring WhatsApp messages from a backup, make sure that the backup is most recent. Any chats or messages you got after creating the backup will be lost after the restoration process. So, be cautious.

To Restore WhatsApp Messages from the Cloud

Note: Before starting the cloud restore, make sure that you have a faster internet connection in order to make the process faster.

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp if you already installed.
  2. Reinstall it again.
  3. Open it and fill in the details.
  4. When it asks for the restore tap on the “Restore” button.
  5. WhatsApp will now look for the backups in your cloud and will show the details.
  6. If everything looks good, tap on the “Restore” button and it will restore the messages from backup.

To Restore WhatsApp Messages from the Local Backup

You manual backup might be named in the format “messageStore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt, in a folder /device/misc/whatsapp/backup. Rename this file as “messageStore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt.current” to avoid confusions during the restoration process. And also replace the “YYYY-MM-DD” with the most recent date.

  1. Now, Uninstall your currently installed WhatsApp.
  2. And Reinstall it again.
  3. Open it and fill in the details.
  4. When it asks for the restore tap on the “Restore” button.
  5. Now, WhatsApp will restore all your data in the selected backup.
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Now, you’ve successfully restored your WhatsApp messages. Continue chatting with your friends.

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