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There are so many chat applications like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. available on the market. But are they suitable for your business collaborations and team communication? Do they provide all the features and security essentials for your team members to fearlessly share ideas together? They are not. So, here comes the need for a dedicated application which specially crafted for the business communication needs. With all the features like a normal chat application, they will additionally pack something extra which is essential for the smooth communication between the team members.

Brosix instant messenger and team collaboration tool is such a nice software which can seamlessly integrate into your business by making it easier to communicate with your team members. Not only for the business use, but it can be also used as a personal messenger to hang out with friends or colleagues. The secure communication channels which lock down the privacy is the most noticeable feature in this software that is mostly useful for the serious businessmen to securely collaborate the team members.

It has various features such as Group and private chat, file transfer, screen sharing, screen-shot, whiteboard, etc. all are essential for the smooth and effective communication with the team. All the basic functionalities as a chat application served in a better upgraded way. Easily usable interface adds to the features by making it suitable for any kind of usage. It is a secure instant messenger with something better to expect for your business needs.

Today, we’ve decided to review this software for you to let you know more about it. You may find this helpful in case you are still searching for the perfect instant messenger for your team or the personal usage. Have a look.

Brosix Interface

There is nothing complicated on the interface. But it is entirely different from a normal chat application with minimal features. It has all the features stacked right in the main interface which can be accessed by clicking on them. To have a whiteboard with a team member or to send him a screenshot, you just have to click the specific icons on the window and follow the instructions. All will be visible in the main chat window to keep track of your activities. We used it for several hours and tested with our multiple team members. Yes, it works perfectly, and it is very easy to use.

Brosix Features

Brosix power packs almost of the features and functions needed for effortlessly communicate with your team members. For the personal usage, the application has no much relevance than a usual chat software. But for the business, it deserves to be in all of your member’s systems. To know more about the software, have a look at the features listed below.

Secure & Private Controlled Network

Brosix 1

The Brosix utilize a secure way to connect the team members together. Instead of having a breakable public security network, users will be able to enjoy their own private network on this software. The administrator will be able to control the entire team, export them, import from other networks, and even manage multiple networks.

Send and Receive Screenshots and Media

Brosix 5

Like in any normal chat application, Brosix also will let you send and receive media files seamlessly between the team members. In addition, you could also take screenshots of your screen and share it with others right from the software. So no need to depend on an extra application for this.

Group Chat

Brosix 3

Group chat allows adding multiple team members in a single chat session. All users will be able to share their ideas for the next project and send files each other.

Co-Browsing and Share Screens

Brosix 2

If you want to co-browse with any member, you don’t have to get there in his cabin. You can do it right from you own PC utilizing the Co-browsing feature of the software. You will get complete control over the other PC right from yours. If you want to show him something, you could always share your screen with him

Voice and Video Chat

Instead of sweating by continuous typing, you could seamlessly talk with other members on the network either with video or using voice chat feature. We tested it, and it works like a charm without any complications.


Brosix 4

Want to guide any of your team members? Or the entire team? The whiteboard feature can let you do so. Just add them to the whiteboard conference and show them your skills.

Multiple Languages

The Brosix software is not limited to the English, you could seamlessly switch to your own native language from the software. It will allow users to have a customized working experience on the software.

Premium Tech support

If you got any problems with the service or have a doubt, the premium support team will be always there to help you. You could directly contact them, and they will help you within a matter of minutes. We checked their support and so far, the results were satisfying.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Very secure
  • Numerous features for seamless communication
  • Screen sharing and media sharing
  • Group Chats
  • Fast performance


  • Not free for the business usage


Brosix instant messenger and team collaboration tool is one of the best tools to consider for controlling your entire team and to make it easier to communicate between the team members. It is not just a chat application that let you have some funny time. It has numerous features like screen casting, whiteboard, video and voice chat, network management, file transferring, and many more; all are useful for the seamless team communication. It definitely worthy to be installed in your computer. You can give it a try from the link given below. Also, feel free to let us know your thoughts regarding the software.

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Brosix Review
7.3 Overall
Value for money6

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