Top 3 Best File Manager Apps to Start 2017!

2017 is all here, and it seems that the “Best Apps” game is running too well according to searches. So here we present something unique which is all about the Best File Manager Apps! Have a look-

  • ASTRO File Managers: So, Astro File Manager is one of the best file manager app available for Android that lets you manage & organize all your files regardless of where they are stored.Furthermore, this file manager comes with a unique feature called ‘CLOUD HOPPING,’ which lets you move files from one cloud platform to another in a single copy and paste – without having to download them first before sending to your destination cloud. It supports all major cloud services, like Dropbox,, Google Drive, Facebook, and OneDrive. Also has a built-in image viewer to open images, PDFs, and even text-viewer. Other features of Astro file manager include app backup, app manager, download manager, task killer, networking, and SSH File Transfer (SFTP). Which impressed me a lot!


  • FX File Manager: This one is really unique, FX File Explorer is a free file manager app that is designed to let you easily manage all content on your Android phone or tablet.FX file explorer comes with a built-in image viewer, hex viewer, text editor, and cleaning tools for removing duplicates and viewing large files. It also can archive any file or folder in most formats (zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .7z).But..The only downside of this app is that it does not provide network connections and cloud services that the other free file manager apps do, but it does offer a paid “Plus” add-on which adds network and cloud integration as well as media management features. But it’s fine; it isn’t anything worse!
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  • ROOT ExplorerWell, this is something for our Root Members! Man, this is the one of my preference! It is an ultimate file manager app available for Android mobile device. It can access the whole file system including the intangible data folder. This application has SQLite database viewer, text editor, create and extract zip files, execute scripts, search files, remount, permissions, bookmarks, e-mail, thumbnails and APK binary XML viewer. Being able to access your file system means so much freedom in the name of customization that you can do to your Android device. Note: This app will work on rooted devices only.

So, that was all about our preferences on the best and unique Android file managers. We have used these thoroughly and have tested them to levels. Thanks for going through and have a great year ahead! Cheers.

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