Beats EP Review

The Beats EP is the Beats equivalent of the product of the consummation of a marriage between a  model T-Ford and a Volkswagen Beetle. Cheap, effective and with all those Beats-worthy features and moments we can’t help loving so much, and our ears can’t get enough of, it’s a worthy bargain and a pleasure to use all through the day.

Beats EP Introduction

Want Beats-worthy fun times but don’t have the cash or are presently saving it for a trip to explore the ancient ruins of Timbuktu? Noticed how your friends get stared at with those oh so sexy and distinctive Beats’ cans over their noggins and want the same VIP treatment and deference? Want admittance to bass heaven, but on a budget, without waiting endless months for a discount? Well then the Beats EP is for you. Best part: it sacrifices no noticeable performance in delivering the goods in spadefuls.

Beats EP Price

Beats EP Design

Design-wise, it definitely looks like a Beats product with the logo prominently gracing the cups, which is quickly reassuring. As well as quacks and runs like one, if chiefly made of rather excellently designed plastic. The earcups support are stainless steel and durable as they come, as well as being padded like a throw pillow if not better. There was therefore absolutely no comfortability issues for us when listening to tracks for hours on end. Need to adjust it for even better fit? That’s easy as pie as the head cups comes user-adjustable via rotatable ball joints and vertical sliders. The headband too comes padded, if perhaps more springy and possibly stronger than other Beats models that have graced our cluttered desks, though I wouldn’t recommend challenging it to an arm-wrestling match. The overall look is cute and premium, with portability being a breeze courtesy of the provided cloth bag.

Beats EP Blue

Build Quality

Though the headphone is non-foldable, which might present problems when space is lacking to lug it around. But that does ensure even more durability than other rivals and siblings.

The Beats EP comes fully wired with no wireless options possible, and the cable is non-removable, if tangle-free. On the available inline remote you get the usual 3 buttons for iOS devices only, for making and taking calls as well as all the usual manner of playback controls.

Sound Quality

Sound, as expected, is like in any other Beats can- that is to say with the Bass proudly marching ahead of the pack and twirling a mean baton. Despite this, audio quality was rather excellent with no distortion no matter the volume levels or the track played. Though the Beats EP does show a particular predilection for Pop, hip-hop music and other bass-heavy genres rather than classical stuff and the like. Now that you do know, you know exactly what to do when you want to unlock its full potentials.


Colors are black, white, red and blue, while the price is $129. The Beats EP is a rather excellent choice for those who like their bass well cooked and flowing like a cracked Hennessey bottle. At $129 it offers usability, extreme user-comfort, premium design and durability.

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Beats EP Review
8 Overall
Sound Quality8


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