Beats Pro Review

The Beats Pro is designed for artists and producers who want to mix things up in the studio and anyone else who might like ultra-high quality audio cans. It’s versatile, absolutely beautiful looking and sounding piece of work that costs an arm and weighs a ton.

Beats Pro Introduction

DJ much? Well, you will like this particular headphone that was designed by everyone’s favorite doctor, the one, and only Dr. Dre! If you have seen other Beats headphones that he operated on in that his futuristically-outfitted operating theater, then you know just what to expect.

Beats Pro Design

For this model and others, the premium is the name of the game, with a clean, minimalist look that you just have to love, else you will get jabbed by his sadistic nurse with her 3 feet-long horse syringe. We are not saying this just to avoid a beat down and a jab, but the Beat Pro is one beautiful looking piece of art! Under each ear cup, you get 2.1 meters long 3.5mm jacks for either listening into the feverishly pounding beats or sending it pulsating into another poor sod’s ear as desired. The cable is distinctively Beats: red, thick and coiled at the bottom. A 1/4-inch adapter comes included, which you can fasten to the coil and go about your duty of spreading the beats like the biblical sower without fear of losing it.

Beats Pro Price

Build Quality

The leather-clad earcups are additionally flippable backward, so you can mix up and dish out some rather rad music while deejaying. A protective pouch -but not a hard case, a user manual, and a cleaning cloth join the rest of the cast in the high-quality box. The earpads feel as plush as a  sofa and are wonderfully washable when you do get them down and dirty. The headband though feels somewhat as bony as a dieting model’s knee, but do manage to get the job done.

Sound Performance

Here comes the oh so juicy part- performance. The Beats Pro does pack in the bass, though it’s restrained like a lion on a leash, and not carelessly slathered on like its other brethren. The bass is indeed there but acts much like a well-behaved girl at a preparatory school, and never ruins the overall performance across all the frequency range. In short, sound quality proved extremely excellent no matter the music type my editor insisted on pushing on me, and you get to hear really everything clear as a bell with no distortion or muffling ever daring to show its face.

Beats Pro Features

A problem, though; after some time had spent blissfully listening to the contents of our respective music files, a few of us noticed that the Beats Pro could be a tad uncomfortable when worn for longer periods, with some heads even left feeling as if clamped by a vice. Others though experienced absolutely no discomfort and fought to keep the Beats Pro on their heads through all the day. So, what you -and your noggin- will personally feel is rather subjective, and we respectfully suggest you’re trying on the cans for some time before buying.


Colors are a sinfully exquisite black and white, with a one year warranty out of the box. While price is an eye-watering $450. If you do like being stared at, love you some versatile, premium cans with sound quality that’s right up there with the angels, then the Beats Pro is for you.

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Beats Pro Review
8.7 Overall
Sound Quality9


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