Beats Studio Wireless Review

The Beats Studio Wireless is one of the most beautifully sexy looking, lusciously eye-candy cans to have ever come out of the Apple-owned company, or to be strutting around the market. It’s sleek, glossy and has a pretty, irresistible come-hither look that is sure to win it lots of charmingly bewitched fans and devotees who won’t know what hit them over the head or went through their credit cards like a tornado. Judged on looks alone, it certainly does heavy justice to its steep price tag.

Beats Studio Wireless Introduction

Beats anyone? Well, am more of a whipped man myself! Beats has always been a premium product manufacturer, cunningly assaulting our battered senses and threadbare wallets with must have, expensive cans that do deliver -mostly- on their design parameters and our sky-high expectations, while marking the user as prominently and indelibly belonging in the ‘in’ crowd. Its new wireless headphones are a continuation of its richly profitable heritage and come loaded with all the goodies Santa must have been long busy stockpiling.

Beats Studio Wireless Build Quality

The Beats Studio Wireless headphones is active noise-canceling and arrive in an impressive multiplicity of colors, with each piece weirdly gleaming like some recently harvested Forerunner tech of Bungie fame. The leather-sheated earpads are titanically huge and cushioned for long duration listening comfort. Ably aided by the padded headband, which is expandable to suit all manner of heads and their squishy contents. On the left earcup, you get dedicated volume controls, as well as a central, multi-functional button that is clickable for all manner of playback controls and call management functionality. On the right earcup are a power/USB pairing button, as well as a battery status LED indicator.

Beats Studio Wireless Design

Beats Studio Wireless Design

In the box, you get two different cables: one with a three-button inline remote as well as a mic for using on connected devices and another totally bare and without for a more passive, laid-back listening experience. A carabiner, power adapter, and a hard shell case make up the rest of the contents. The Beats Studio additionally sports an Active Noise Canceling-only mode, which comes in pretty handy when you want some introspective  ‘Me’ time, by enabling your using the cans and their ANC feature to block out external chatter and chitchat without however listening to music. The feature works pretty well and enables rather profound meditation no matter your surroundings.

Sound Performance

Bluetooth takes only a few seconds to connect, and when that party-worthy moment happens was always ever reliable and never dropped.  When playing tracks, the sound is clear enough and distortion free, with the bass though poured on too generously and threatened to ruin the show. Near the max volume too, the earpads tend to leak audio like an incontinent pet. Which isn’t too worrying though unless you don’t want others to know what particular music genre and which artist gets you moist and emotional.

The on-board battery is rechargeable, non-user replaceable and lasts a stated 12 hours or a day of wireless Bluetooth use, which will vary though depending on volume levels and other factors. Versus 20 hours longevity when connected via the 3.5mm jack.


Price is $379.95, with available colors comprising matte black, titanium, gloss white, gold, gloss black and metallic sky. The Beats Studio Wireless is a rather expensive proposition. But, if you do care about looking stylish and fab while getting lost to the pounding and pulsating beats, then it’s a pretty irresistible choice. Though your wallet won’t thank you for it.

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Beats Studio Wireless Review
8.7 Overall
Sound Quality8.5


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