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Cloud Storage became very common these days. For keeping the files safe or to secure them from accidental deletion and corruption, keeping the files in Cloud accounts is one of the best solutions. But even if it is said to be a secure solution, there are still some security threats faced by the companies. So, if you don’t choose the cloud service carefully, it will end up in a serious non-reversible data loss. So, security is one of the most important features to look while choosing the perfect solution to keep your files safe forever.

pCloud is one such cloud storage service which is already popular among the internet users. With its exceptional data storage services, it helps thousands of users in storing their favorite photos, videos, music files, and important documents online. The service is well known for the easiness of usage and the security provided to the files. Sharing features are similar to other services like Dropbox and Google drive, but implemented with some unique functions.

After having a quick look at the service, we’ve decided to thoroughly review it for our readers. In our review, we will be discussing the features and functions of the pCloud. And as usual, we will provide our final take on it to help you in taking a decision. Have a look.

What is pCloud

As mentioned already, pCloud is a cloud storage service that allows users to store their files online. The security and privacy provided by the service differing it from the usual cloud services that we’ve seen so far. It has all the features like a normal cloud storage service and in addition, packs something more. The service can be accessed from almost any popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. making it suitable for any kind of usage. Either you need a personal cloud or need to setup one for your business, the pCloud has versatile plans for you.

What Makes it Special?

You’ve already seen many cloud storage services out there. We can understand your eagerness in knowing the specialty of the pCloud. So, we’ve listed out some of the catchy features on the service that we found will be helpful at the most. Check it out to know it better.

pCloud does not use the storage on your Device

Yes. It will not use the storage space on your device. A specially crafted technology will create a virtual drive on your device that will be exactly same as your cloud drive. So, you can use it for any operations as a simple drive in your computer. For example, to upload a file to the cloud, just copy it from your local drive and paste it in the cloud virtual drive. That’s it. You’ve successfully uploaded the file to the pCloud. Like that, you can stream the videos in your cloud right from your device, preview photos and almost anything that you do on a real local disk.

All Basic Features

pCloud Save Important Files

There is no need to mention that the pCloud has all the basic features like any other cloud storage solutions. You could seamlessly upload and download your files, manage and sync them between your devices, archive and extract them, and even restore upon any problems. In addition, it supports some unique functions like streaming your videos on the cloud right from your device, creating playlists, previewing files, getting notifications, etc.

Extreme Security

pCloud Crypto

Security is one of the most important features to look while choosing a cloud storage service. And pCloud has the latest premium security measures to protect your files. It utilizes the TLS/SSL encryption during the transmission from device to the cloud. So, any of your files will never get redirected through unsecured tunnels or will never get exposed to the stealers. If you want additional security measures, you could always choose the pCloud Crypto which is an upgrade to the basic plan.

Good Download and Upload Speeds

We tested the download and upload speed of the pCloud for several days under certain conditions. We tested a collection of large number of files, big sized files, videos, archives, and almost all file formats. The results were so satisfying that we got better download and upload speeds than many known services. So, pCloud will never disappoint you in terms of the transfer speeds.

Remote Download

pCloud Remore Access

One of the unique features of the pCloud is the Remote Download function. This lets users transfer their files from one server to another directly! Didn’t understand? Ok. For example, if you like a long video in Youtube which will probably take hours to download, just copy the URL and paste it in the pCloud. That’s it, I am not joking. It has successfully transferred to your account. This is the benefit of the server to server file transfer. You can always download it to your local storage whenever you prefer.

Seamlessly Share Download links

pCloud Share Files

Sharing made a lot easy and secure on the pCloud. As usual, you will get a download URL to share the files with your friends. If you want to secure it, you could always set a password and tell to the recipient. In addition, you will be able to set an expiration date to the URL. After that time, the URL will become inaccessible automatically. You can view the stats of the URL usage and know the details like how many times it has been downloaded, what kind of traffic it generated etc. Another unique feature we found is that you can even invite your friends to a specific folder and share access with them for team collaborations.

Compatible with all Popular Platforms

pCloud Compatibility

The service has different options to support all the devices including Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. It has apps for the iOS and Android smartphones, software for the Windows and Mac Osx platforms. Additionally, you could also access it right from your browser without having to install any application.

Active Support Team

pCloud has an active support team that works all the time to deliver superior support to the customers. We’ve tested them multiple times and honestly, the results were satisfying. They helped us most of the times very efficiently.


  • Extreme Security Measures
  • Speedy upload and downloads
  • Server to server file transfer
  • Compatible with almost all popular platforms
  • Will not use space on your device
  • Good support


  • Not Completely Free


After checking the service on multiple platforms under many conditions for days, we’ve found it as a good solution to keep your files safe and secure online. No matter what kind of user you are or what is your need, if you are seeking for a cloud storage, you should always consider pCloud in your list. If you would like to give it a try, you can enjoy it for FREE. Yes, upto 20GB, the service is free to use. If you need to expand the storage, you could always do that in future. So, visit their website and give it a try.

Visit pCloud Website
pCloud Review
8.8 Overall
Quality of the Service9
Transfer Speed9.5
Value for Money8


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