What is Software

Software is the intangible parts of a computer which is essential to operate it. In other words, it is a general tag of the programs used to operate computers and other devices. While the hardware referred to as the tangible parts of the computer which include CPU, RAM, HDD, etc. the software include the intangible parts such as the OS, or a Microsoft Office program. Software is an unavoidable part to call a device a computer. Without the software, there is no relevance to the hardware, and without hardware, there is no need for a software.

There are different types of Software

  • Application software: The normal kind of programs that helps users do various operations. Example: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead video studio, etc.
  • System software: One of the most crucial kinds of programs which are essential to make a computer operatable. Example: Operating systems like Windows and Mac.
  • Middleware: Something which acts as an intermediator between the above two kind or between two application software.
  • Utility: A small program that adds some additional capabilities to the OS but will be independent from the rest of operating system. They will have limited capabilities when compared to other software types.
  • Applet: Another kind of utilities which comes with the OS which will have limited capabilities.

Software can be classified further based on their price and usability. They are given below.

  • Freeware: Free to use programs which often have copyright restrictions.
  • Shareware: Will be available for free until the trial period, later have to pay to continue using it.
  • Liteware: The kind of shareware where some features will be disabled probably in trial versions.
  • Public Domain Software: Free programs with no restrictions at all.
  • Open Source: Softwares which the source code will be visible to the users and can make changes by collaborating each other.

Software programs can be either downloaded from the online sources or can be purchased from the retailers in the form of a CD or DVD. Software is available for almost any needs of the user. It can be used for

  • Video editing
  • Image editing
  • File management
  • Presentation making
  • Text editing
  • and almost anything we do on computers

Now, that’s what we call a Software.


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