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Online Privacy is something very important these days. From hiding your location on annoying websites to protecting you from the dangerous hackers, all demands the need of a perfect VPN. Recently we’ve reviewed numerous VPN services on our website, and we are continuing to review more and more. While having a search for the most popular Free VPN services, we came across another name called Windscribe. So, today we are going to present the Windscribe review to our readers.

To give a quick introduction, Windscribe is a free VPN service (Premium versions are also available) to protect you from being exposed to the online threats. Like any other VPN services, it can connect you to any of the servers located in numerous countries all over the globe allowing you to be anonymous all the time. It encrypts each and every connection through their servers to ensure maximum protection of the users. Nevertheless to say that, it will also unblock any geo-restricted content or websites for you.

Without explaining too much, let’s directly dive into the features and functions of the service. We will also provide our final take on the product in order to help you in taking an ultimate decision. Have a look.

Windscribe Interface

In order to start using the service, you have to create an account on their website. After having one account, you will have to sign in on the software. After signing in, the interface will look like this.

Windscribe Interface

All you have to do is selecting the preferred location and clicking on the power button. The software will automatically connect you to the VPN server with the firewall enabled. Your IP address will also be changed to a different one to ensure your privacy online. After connecting, the interface will turn into a beautiful screen like this.

Windscribe Connected

There is nothing more to configure the software to enjoy the anonymous browsing. However, if you wish, you could always alter the preferences.

Windscribe Preferences

It is recommended to keep it untouched unless you know what you are going to do.

All in all, the interface and installation of the Windscribe is super simple, and you have to worry nothing about the privacy and protection configurations. It will do it automatically for the users.

Windscribe Features

Like any VPN services, Windscribe has all the functions for hiding your identity online. Also, it also powers packs a bunch of useful options such as DNS leak protection. Many VPN services that we’ve reviewed missing this critical feature. To know more about it, have a look at the list of features of the Windsribe VPN.

Complete anonymity online

Windscribe offers a complete private working environment. It will never expose your identity to the online threats such as spammers, hackers, malware, etc. You just have to tap that button to route your internet connection through the Windscribe servers, the rest of the action is done by the servers. You will also get a dedicated IP for your connection which will be entirely different from your original identity.

Numerous server locations

Windscribe Server Locations

Like any other popular VPN services, Windsribe also has numerous servers for the connections. They are placed on different countries all over the globe including Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, etc. Choosing the nearest server will provide the maximum speed and efficiency on the connection. You could change the server anytime you wish to.

Very easy to setup and configure

There are no complicated configurations needed on the software or its sibling variants. In all the variations such as the desktop software, Android or iOS app, the setup process is extremely simple. All you have to do is creating an account on their website and entering it into the application. Nothing more to do.

The connection speed is not altered

We’ve seen many VPN services that do provide good security for the connection but affects the speed considerably. But in the case of this one, the speed will not get touched at all. You will get almost the same speed as you were getting without a VPN connection layer. We had a test on out 20mb/s connection, and we got around 19.6mb/s with the VPN connected to the nearest server.

They will never track you

Windscribe keeps your online privacy safe, not only from the hackers and spammers but even from the company itself. They will never keep any record of your connection and browse history while on their servers. This sounds like a great feature for a free VPN service. You don’t have to worry about getting tracked by anyone.

Supports almost any platforms

The Windsribe can be installed on almost any platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry and even on your Browsers or Routers! You will no longer have to hesitate for owning a device which is not supported by many VPN services. The Windsribe has the solution for you. There are separate tutorials provided on the website itself for guiding you throughout the procedure.

DNS leak prevention

By means of the complete online privacy, they even protect your DNS information from being tracked or fetched out. This locks even the last door to your online identity.

Good support

We tested their support team by posting multiple support tickets from their website. And the results were very satisfying. Most of the times, they replied almost quickly and helped without problems. But one time, we haven’t received any response.


  • Numerous servers all over the globe
  • The speed will not be altered
  • DNS leak prevention
  • Complete anonymity even from the company itself


  • Not completely free


After having long checking sessions and numerous working hours with the VPN network, we’ve found that the Windscribe is an excellent service to consider. With all the features like a premium VPN service, it is also available for free with few limitations. If you would like to give it a try before spending some money on it, you could do that from the link given below. If you respect your privacy, the Windscribe VPN should be on your list.

Visit Windscribe website
Windscribe Review
8.2 Overall
Value for money8.5


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