FreeNAS Review

FreeNAS is an operating system which can be installed for controlling the NAS storage devices. In other words, if you wanted to build a centralized place for all your data and files, this NAS software alongside the necessary hardware will do the job. It can be used for sharing data on a network making it super-simple to access it from any connected device on the network. There are many of this kind, but the Free NAS stands out of the crowd with its efficiency in controlling the hardware and ease in the usage. To know more about it, let’s have a FreeNAS Review.

FreeNAS Interface

FreeNAS Interface

The FreeNAS features a web interface where everything related to the system could be controlled. The installation itself is very simple with the wizard mode guided process. From the simple web interface, you will be able to control the volumes of the storage, update the functions, and organize your files. No matter how beginner you are to such advanced NAS operating systems, the FreeNAS won’t make you think twice at any point. We checked the interface, and it is really nice.

FreeNAS Features

Like ay other NAS operating systems, the FreeNAS also power packs numerous useful features. To have a better idea about it, have a look.

File sharing made easy

With the help of numerous sharing methods such as  NFS (Unix file shares), AFP (Apple File Shares), SMB/CIFS (Windows file shares), FTP, WebDAV, iSCSI (block sharing), etc. the Free NAS is fast enough in transferring the data. From our tests, we got better data rates when compared to the competitors.

Extreme protection for the data

The data protection is one of the most concerned things in any NAS systems. So, the FreeNAS systems are designed with numerous layers of protection such as RAID 5, RAID-Z2 and RAID-Z3. Each and every but if information passed to and from the OS will be completely encrypted utilizing the industry standard AES-XTS encryption. No more worry about the data loss or security issues.

Snapshot feature

Snapshot is not a unique feature. But, the advanced technology which automatically backup your NAS system on a schedule is something appreciable. As long as you keep the taken snapshots of your system, you don’t have to worry about anything. You could roll back any changes that you’ve made utilizing any snapshot that you made earlier.


Replication adds to the snapshot feature of the NAS server which can completely replicate the snapshots to another system. Without any tough procedure or advanced configurations, anyone can easily make use of the replicate function of the FreeNAS OS.


After having thorough checking sessions throughout the OS and its functions, we finally decided to recommend to our readers. It is one of the best or probably the best storage operating system out there. No wonder of 8.5+ million downloads as they tagged on their homepage. So, what all we have to say is, next time you think of a NAS system, make sure that the FreeNAS is on your list. You could visit their official website from the following link.

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FreeNAS Review
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