KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Price, Specs, Release Date, Opinions, Pros and Cons

KingWear KW18 is a compact round dial smartwatch. KingWear KW18 was released in the summer of 2016. It is doing well in the market from the release. The design of this budget friendly smartwatch is amazing. The first impression is very important for a watch. Like the majority of smartwatches, KingWear KW18 is suitable for both the men and women. Another notable feature is the availability of SIM card and TF card slots.

Take a look at specifications, price, quick review, features, opinions, pros and cons of KingWear KW18.

Price of KingWear KW18

The price of KingWear KW18 is only $70. But, you can get it for $50 in flash sale which is going on in Gearbest, for a short period of time.

Specs and Review of KingWear KW18

Design and Display

KingWear KW18 has a round dial and rubber strap. The rubber strap is made of dull polished TPU material. This smartwatch suits for both men and women. The round display is elevated from the surface and the edges covered by aluminum for protection. It gives a premium look to the dial. KingWear KW18 has a 1.3-inch screen with 240 x 240 pixels screen resolution.

There is a SIM card slot or TF card slot in the left side of the watch. You can use either a SIM card or TF card. Only few smartwatches have SIM card functionality. KingWear KW18 has both SIM card and storage expansion option. Only thing it miss is the camera.


KingWear KW18 is powered by MediaTek MT2502 SoC coupled with 64MB RAM and 128MB internal storage. The internal storage is almost none with just 128MB space. But this issue can be solved with the TF card which allows storage expansion up to 16GB.


KingWear KW18 can be connected to Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0. SIM card option can also be used to connect and call. The anti-lost alarm triggers when the Bluetooth connected device crosses more than 10 meters distance from the smartwatch.


KingWear KW18 comes with a 340mAh battery. This is an average battery capacity for a smartwatch. This battery charges up 100% within 2 hours.


Anti-lost alarm, remote camera operation, notification for messages and calls, alarm, sleep monitoring, pedometer, sedentary reminder, heart rate monitor, calendar, MP3 player are some of the features of KingWear KW18.

Pros and Cons of KingWear KW18


  • Simple and Sleek Design
  • SIM Card and TF Card slot
  • Anti-lost alarm
  • Reasonable Price


  • Camera is missing

Opinion – KingWear KW18

KingWear KW18 is one of the good choice among the pool of Smartwatches. The design is the main factor in selecting a smartwatch. In terms of design, KingWear KW18 has a feel good design. The features present in KingWear KW18 are similar to the other smartwatches. The price $70 is reasonable. If you can rush soon to the gearbest store, you may get it with discount price of just $50. You can check the offer here.

Gearbest Store – KingWear KW18

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