The Ultimate Guide To Android App Design Tips

If you are an Android app developer, you must know that designing an app that would attract its users is much harder than actually design android app. An ideal user interface should be so designed as to be easy to be used by new users and elderly people while being interesting and engaging to the expert users. 

Following are some Android app design tips to know how to design an Android app:

  • Follow the rules of interactive designing to design Android app:

Granted you have a small screen space to design, but the rules of interactive designing can certainly apply to it let us have a look at what they are:

  • Designing the app keeping the purpose of the app in mind.
  • Easily usable user interface
  • Use of appropriate signifiers which indicate at its affordance to remove the guesswork from the equation
  • Use of familiar patterns for easy understanding of the app
  • Friendly and non-confusing feedback and response by the app

Some of the mobile app design services go to every extent to make a complete research of the above pointers before starting to design Android app.

Understand the need of the user of your app:

As the screen size is the constraint that hampers your creative abilities in the same manner users of the app are also the constraints which form the basis of your user interface. Let us look at some ways which can shed some light on understanding your users:

The persona of the user: these are fictional characters made up by picking up on the anticipated behavior of the target user. This helps you to discern the decisions of the user.

Scenarios of the user while using the app: this provides a scene in which the person using the app will react to the design of the app with the help of which you will be able to design the app much better

Mapping the experience: there could be many possible reasons for a single interaction on an app by the user. The experience maps take into account each step taken by the user and his emotions and circumstances involved in it.

Mapping the content:

After following the tip 1 and 2, by now you will be sure what is the content that will form the part of your user interface designing. This information will give you the basics of how to design an android app.

Build user flow charts to properly design android app:

Once you know your content, the next part becomes very easy for you i.e. building your flow charts that link your content to one another. However before deciding on a path of the flow chart create a skeleton base which will help you understand how your user will flow from the content to the actions. Also, keep the idea of a prototype on paper and make changes as you go.

How to design Android app basically knows what makes the using of the app easier for its user. Rest all comes naturally.


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