Super Mario Run For Android Review

Nintendo released the much-awaited Super Mario Run for Android. The game was made available on iOS platform in September 2016 when the iPhone 7 was launched. When we published an article about Super Mario Run a few days back, we were unable to download the game. However, the game is available currently for download on Google Play Store, and we installed it not only to play but also to review.


To install Super Mario Run, you need to tap on Play Store option and search for Super Mario Run. It took less than three minutes for us to install the game over Reliance Jio 4G connectivity. You can either directly click on Open button or tap on the icon named Mario Run from the dashboard. Depending upon the number of apps you have installed, you will have scroll horizontally across pages.


After you select the game, it will take few minutes for the Super Mario Run to load.

When the game is ready for play, a message Tap to Begin will flash on display. After that, you will see a rotating circle on the bottom right side. You will have to pick your country list from the displayed screen.

Select the relevant country name and tap on the OK button. You will be prompted to registered for a Nintendo account. If you are not interested, you can select “Later” option.

The next step is to agree to their privacy policy, which we indeed agreed.

The game will now prompt you to provide a nickname for the purpose of profile creation.

After a short gap, you will view a message from Peach. Select OK button after reading the message. It begins with Dear Mario, but we would prefer to be addressed with the provided nickname like Dear Nandu.

The Mario will soon come to the party. You need not have to perform any fingering work since Mario is programmed to run automatically.

The main trick involved with the Super Mario Run game is that you will have to long tap on certain points for the Mario to climb on the huge Green colored poles.

Moreover, you should show attention to detail to help Mario to cross bridges. Otherwise, you will have to continue the same job till you correctly help Mario to cross long bridges. There are coins available for the Mario to collect.

During the middle of the game, we had to fight hard for the Mario to cross the bridge with a long gap. We could not complete the task till several attempts. When we opened the game after the first attempt, it performed data download with several hints being displayed on the bottom. After that, we were able to play the game in various modes. You will have to play the game to experience the real power of the game.

That said, Super Mario Game is addictive. You will have to play several times till you are familiar with the Mario system. If you become experienced, then you will be forced to play the game on a daily basis. We had worked with Pokemon Go in 2016, but the game didn’t turn out as expected. However, the Super Mario Run is deliciously sweet.

If you are unable to download Super Mario Run, then you should wait for few more days till it becomes available across all regions. However,m as of this writing, the game is available on Play Store for immediate consumption. The game will be very useful for kids who would like to pass time during vacations.

Anand Narayanaswamy is a freelance technology writer based in Trivandrum. He had contributed several articles and reviews for various software based portals.

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