Instagram Pushes Media Blur Feature Alongside Two Factor Authentication

Instagram has been involved with adding plenty of new features to improve the use and functionality. The latest news is that the Facebook-owned company has added core new feature not only to improve the privacy but also the security of users.

As part of the commitment towards the community, Instagram will embed a blur effect on those images and videos as agreed by the moderation team. While navigating the Instagram feeds, you will come across a wide range of photos and videos. However, the content doesn’t violate any guidelines laid down by the company. If a user reports to Instagram about a specific image or video, the relevant content will be blurred provided the moderation team agrees to it.

After a picture has been blurred, you can tap on it to view the actual content. Facebook also adopts a similar approach when it comes to handling sensitive content. The latest update will be very useful since school going children have started to browser through the Instagram feeds that are offensive.

If a post is reported as offensive and the moderation team decides to pull the plug, then the original user will not be notified that the content has been blurred. The user will come to know that the post has been blurred only upon manual visit.

In addition to blurring, Instagram will also add a warning message such as “This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.”


Meanwhile, Instagram has also implemented the much-awaited two-factor authentication mechanism. As a user, you will need to feed in a code that has been delivered to the smartphone on which the app has been installed. The authentication module can be activated directly from Settings or by tapping on the Gear icon. The company has advised all users to enable two-factor authentication to keep their accounts safe.


By tagging inappropriate content, Instagram has gone one step ahead to control the pictures and videos. However, tagging sensitive content can be very tricky if a normal content is filed as sensitive. Facebook had to face the wrath of people when they restricted few posts without giving an opportunity to be heard.

Instagram should be very careful while tagging sensitive material. The company should create a system in such a way to enable real users to file an appeal in case if they find wrong tagging.

It remains to be seen as to how the newly introduced blurring feature will make a difference in providing a unique experience to Instagram users.

Anand Narayanaswamy is a freelance technology writer based in Trivandrum. He had contributed several articles and reviews for various software based portals.

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