Pitaka Aramid Case for iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus Review

Protection of the iPhone devices always matters. Either you are going for a long drive or an adventures travel, the smartphone should stay safe in your pocket all the time. For this, the Pitaka Aramid might be one of the best choices you can make. Built using the Aramid fiber which is 5 times stronger than the normal steel, the protection of the device is unquestioned. But don’t expect a bulky, fat product. It is much slimmer than a normal iPhone 6 series case that you can get from the market.

Pitaka is almost a new name in the cases and covers industry. But that doesn’t mean they are not capable of producing extremely reliable protection for your lovely iPhone. The Aramid material used in the build is a rethink on the safety of the devices. Instead of providing a bulkier, hard to carry, somehow beautiful product, the company has shown a different way of protection with this Aramid cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus devices.

As we have found it as a worthy product to be reviewed, we decided to present a review to our readers especially for those who own the beauty, the iPhone 6. If you still haven’t put on a case for your iPhone, you might want to rethink. It is that much important to keep your device safe from any external disturbances before it is too late. So, have a look at this Pitaka Aramid case review.

The Design

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Like already mentioned, it is a beauty from all the sides. Even without covering the buttons or the camera, the case still provides extreme toughness to the iPhone covering almost of its body. Never expect a beast which can protect your device 360 degrees. It is kinda normal case with some extreme toughness. Without compromising the beauty in the build, the company still managed to provide an appreciable toughness to the product. The Aramid material doesn’t add to the bulk of the product instead it makes the product super-slim.

To be exact, it is as thinner as 0.65mm. The super-slim design will never affect the Wifi or cellular signals to your phone. It has a grippy coating which makes the device stick to your hands even at an extreme angle. This grip makes sure that the device stays in your wet hand without falling down. The coating is resistant from scratches which helps the case to look fresh all the time. From our tests, it overcame some small disturbances but got a few scratches when tried with a knife.

As per the company, the device will never lose its color or fade. The company also states that the chances of tearing over time are very less. It will be based on your care with the device and the amount of external pressure the product handles. The curves are well engineered that the edges are just flowing through the device. It doesn’t border the ports and buttons, instead just making the slot for all. The oval shaped camera hole is also eye catching.

Overall, the design of the Pitaka Aramid case for iPhone 6 series is good. The slim design is the most appreciable thing we have seen as a design advantage. But the slim design will never affect the toughness of the product or the protection of your iPhone.

The Features

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Here we are listing few of the things that we found interesting on this product. It might help you to grab a better idea about this Pitaka product.

Slim Design

It’s a great combination of the toughness and slim design. It always needs some bulkiness to make a smartphone case tough enough to protect the device. But in this case, the Aramid material used really helps it to maintain the toughness without altering the weight of the slim design. To be exact, it is thick around just 0.65mm.

Extremely Tough

There is no need to mention the toughness again and again. The Aramid is the material used in the production of aero space, racing vehicles, body armor, etc. Which is the same material used to build this product too. So, now you can expect how much strength does this case will provide to your iPhone. It is almost tough to maintain the toughess of the products without increasing the bulk. But the Pitaka team really did a great job in maintaining a balance between these two factors.

From our testing procedures, it passed almost all severe tests except few extreme disturbances. It was too impressive that such a slim case overcame such severe tests. If the protection of your iPhone is the primary factor which you want, you should consider this one in your list.

Scratch and Tear Resistant

As per the company, the case is resistant from scratches and tear. They almost true their words, however, it got a small scratch when we tried a knife on the surface. In fact, no one is going to cut vegetables by using the smartphone as the board. So, you don’t have to worry about the scratches.

30-Day Money back guarantee

The company provides a 30-Day money back guarantee on the product. If you found any manufcaturing defects are there on the product, you could simply replace it with a new one. For 30-Days, you don’t have to worry bout anything. But you should make sure that the product hasn’t got any severe damages from your side before requesting a replacement.


After reviewing the Pitaka Aramid Case for iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus devices, we have found that this is for those that need to protect their devices as well as need to maintain the beauty. Instead of changing the case as per the occasions, this Pitaka product is a good suit. It is available in different color variants and costs around $45.99. It is a little pricey, but we think it worthy to be bought. So, the next time you drop your iPhone, be sure to checkout this case to avoid any severe damages in future.

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Pitaka Aramid Case for iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus Review
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